Aldershot - 13/6/2021 @ 12pm

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Aldershot Raceway Race Day Information – 13th June 2021

This news item will outline the event times and the running order you need to know so please read this article in full and carefully.

The event will run whilst adhering to the government guidelines regarding Covid-19 and following the ORCi method statement and risk assessment.

Advanced Tickets & Race Bookings have now CLOSED.

Race fans please note that tickets are NOT available to purchase at the raceway on the day of the event. If you have not got advanced e-ticket(s) please do not make the journey to the event as you will not be permitted entrance into the venue.

Session Times

The drivers pit gate will open 10am.
The spectator turnstiles will open at 10.15am.
Practice for Ninja Karts at 10.50am followed by Rookie Rods and Superstox at 11.00am.
The first race will be at 12pm.

Running Order

The running order is now available via the link below and a copy of the running order will be available to view at the raceway but if you wish your own copy of the running order please print off a copy and bring it with you.

Attendance & PPE

Remember this race event is restricted.

Drivers must have supplied the names of the people within your social bubble in advance. If anyone within your sociable bubble is unable to come you can not bring someone different with you.

All drivers will be required to supply their own racing PPE as normal plus a face covering (mandatory for all persons in your social bubble) which must be worn at all times once within the stadium except in the case of the driver when you have your racing PPE on to racing.

Spectators must enter the stadium via the advanced ticket entrance and please remember to bring you face covering and e-ticket with you to avoid any issues at the turnstiles.

Pit Parking

On arrival at the raceway you will be required to queue on the road outside the pit gate entrance until instructed to enter the stadium. Please follow the verbal and hand signals of the pit marshal. All transporters will be required to park whilst leaving a ‘cars’ gap between each other.

Spectator Parking

On arrival at the raceway please follow the guidance to the designated car park for the event.

Social Distancing

Drivers:- Maintain a social minimum distance of 2 metres at all times, unless it’s not possible (i.e. – when repairing a car) On the occasions where the 2-metre rule is unachievable then a 1 metre plus PPE MUST be adhered too. This is mandatory.

Spectators:- Maintain a social minimum distance of 2 metres and be wearing your face covering at all times.


Toilets will be provided but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing to use the facilities.


Catering facilities will be available but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing.

We would like to thank you all in advance for adhering to the above instructions to allow everyone to enjoy their day with us.


Bone Builders Ninja Karts

Rookie Rods



Click Here To View The Running Order

Booking List

Booking list as 11/06/2021, 3pm


7 Josh Mackey
13 Morgen McCarthy
23 Mathew Fayers
59 Tom Greenstreet
83 John Gillman
84 Jack Ansell
97 Jack Shepherd
101 Cieran Harmer
127 Kieran Andrews
128 Daniel Allen
131 Harley McCarthy
160 Simon Crew
165 Charlie Barwell
169 George Robertson
172 Nick Mills
176 Elliott Hedger
212 Dave Daws
250 Dave Preston
270 Brian Staney
282 Rhys Waters
292 Harry Airey
300 Jordan Fullaway
306 Mitchell Hawkins
317 Tommy Devall
325 Adam Wickson
330 Tyler Wilkin
333 Brad Wickson
351 Adrian Martins
352 Ben Mynott
354 Josh Vowden
379 Brandon Kevern
428 Ben Airey
477 Martin Harle
495 Ryan Harris
536 Harry Barwell
570 Rob Gymer
591 Aaron Morris
661 Aaron Harris
683 Reece Woodgate
713 Lauren Annets
717 Harvey Devall Junior
729 Lee Conlon
784 Tommy Killick
794 Luke Harvey
817 Toby Hodgkinson
982 Steven Turner

Bone Builders Ninja Karts

3 Jenson Jackson
39 William Hunn
41 Riley Pentacost
66 Clark Ferris
115 Thomas Madden
124 Taylor-Jane Anstiss
152 Max Taylor
160 Jackson Keeping
174 Finley Kew
191 Riley Whipps
311 Jacob Jackson
313 Charlie Weston
507 Jake Ashby
561 Jack Pilgram
591 Murray Hall
691 Joby Hall
718 Alfie Brown
831 Harry Fry
834 George Climo
979 Seamus Cushnahan

Rookie Rods

4 Jackson Francis
5 Joshua Hilton
13 Sam Fayers
19 Ryan Vater
31 Michael Fitzsimmons
36 Stephen Austen
37 Ian Shears
59 Murray Austen
68 Harry Gibson
99 Ash Braim
129 Bradley Collins
141 Cameron Crowther
151 Luke Oliver
170 Carl Griffiths
208 Chris Webb
215 Harry Smith
216 Sam Smith
217 Joe Smith
302 Adam Hart
334 Derek Fear
376 Dean Baynes
381 Harrison Pope
451 Josh Crowther
521 Shaun Parker
526 Jak Copper
706 Chris Woolgar
759 Austen Hayes
842 Ryan Baker
911 Mitchell Blackman


2 Damien Wright
4 John Mickel
5 Eric Walker
13 Ashley Croft
14 Regan Pedder
32 Daniel Lane
39 Harry Newman
51 Colin Aylward
77 Nick Roots
87 Jack West
89 Josh King
93 Toby Newman
116 Aaron Blake
123 Dave Miles Snr
124 Cain Slik
154 Michael Green
251 Luke Simmons
268 Daniel Santry
279 Phil Proctor
317 Andrew Hazelton
354 Jake Sturt
368 Charlie Santry
377 Daniel Symonds
416 Mark Smith
446 Dean Johnston
454 David Pike
469 Bradley Brooker
492 Randal Lynn
511 Martyn Coles
540 Brett Wesbroom
552 Jody Read
566 Declan Salmon
713 Ian Beaumont
776 Dan Roots
886 Chris Bradbury

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!

To save the time and effort of checking this page on spec we would suggest that you subscribe to the INCARACE mail-list.  By doing so you will receive regular news updates as well as notification when the driver listings have been posted!

Coming Events
- 12/ 6 - 5pm -
Ninja Karts
European Championship

- 12/ 6 - 5pm -
Back To Basics

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Ministox

Advanced Tickets Closed

Driver Bookings Closed
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- 12/ 6 - 5pm -
Kings Lynn
1300cc Stock Cars
British Championship

- 12/ 6 - 6pm -

Lightning Rods
English Championship

Oval Track Legends
East Anglian Championship

Advanced Tickets Closed

Driver Bookings Closed
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- 13/ 6 - 12pm -
World Qualifier
Southern Shakedown Series Round 2

Bone Builders Ninja Karts

Rookie Rods
Southern Shootout Series Round 2

2020 Safari Land Rover Engineering Challenge Series Grand Final
2021 Safari Land Rover Engineering Challenge Series Round 1
Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 3

Advanced Tickets Closed

Driver Bookings Closed
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- 13/ 6 - 1pm -
National Bangers
Unlimited World Series Round 2

2.0 Hot Rods
Midland Championship
Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 2

American Cup Cars
British Championship

Stock Rods
Polleysport/Yokohama Tyres Series Round 1
(Incarace & Spedeworth points scoring meeting)

Advanced Tickets Closed

Driver Bookings Closed
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- 13/ 6 - 2pm -
Scott Taylor Memorial Meeting

1300cc Stock Cars

Back To Basics

Rookie Rods
Eastern Extravaganza Series Round 3

Advanced Tickets Available Now

Driver Bookings Closed
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- 19/ 6 - 5pm -
1300cc Stock Cars
Motor Parts Direct Super Series Round 1

Back To Basics

Shale Shifters Round 1
British 2021 Round 4

Advanced Tickets Available Now

Driver Bookings Available From
Monday 14th June @ 9am

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