BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Far from just smaller cousins of the BriSCA F1s, BriSCA F2 is one of the most popular UK oval racing formulas and certainly one of the most spectacular.

The cars are powered by 2 litre Ford engines and always appear in huge numbers at all three of Incarace tracks, with predicting results nigh on impossible right up until the last bend of every race as the bumpers clang together.

Over 600 F2 drivers are registered across the UK from the north of Scotland to the western tip of Cornwall, and the vast majority of them will make at least one appearance at an Incarace track of the course of the season.

Northampton International Raceway holds the European Championship and World Masters and Birmingham Wheels Raceway stages the Gala Night every season. The BriSCA F2's also make a rare appearance at Incarace's biggest oval known as Hednesford Hills Raceway.

This is one of the closest formulas around on the ovals and must be experienced first hand to be believed.

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Where you can see this class in action

Date Venue Formula
25/8/2018 @ 6pm

We can expect big grids of classic Minis as the ORCi Ministox race for their 2018 Midland Championship at Birmingham Wheels Raceway on Saturday 25th August.
The 2 Litre National Bangers will also be in attendance as they race for a place in the National Banger World Final.

2L National Bangers
World Qualifying Round

2.0 Hot Rods
Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 14

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

ORCi Ministox
Midland Championship
16/9/2018 @ 12noon
Northampton 🏁 WORLD MASTERS 🏁

The 2018 World Masters event takes place at Northampton International on Sunday 16th September as the BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars settle some scores from the night before when the newly crowned World Champion shows off a brand new gold roof. The BriSCA V8 Stock Cars will also be present in big numbers as the formula contests their 2018 World Championship. If that isnít enough Stock Car action for you, we will also have the BriSCA National Ministox as they race for their 2018 Gold Top Championship! What a day in prospect this will be and certainly one to add to your diary now.

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
World Masters

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
World Masters
National Series Round 2

National Ministox
Gold Top Race

BriSCA V8 Stock Cars
World Championship
21/10/2018 @ 2.30pm
Mildenhall Halloween Havoc

Fireworks Spectacular

Gold Rush Finale

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
National Series Round 8
27/10/2018 @ 6pm
Birmingham 🏁 THE PERFECT MIX 🏁

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
World Qualifying Round 5
National Shootout Round 7

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
Whites & Yellows Championship

National Ministox
28/10/2018 @ 1pm
Northampton 🏁 THUNDERSTRUCK 🏁

There will be Thunder & Lightning in the village Brafield-on-the-Green as Northampton International Raceway hosts the thunderous BriSCA Formulas One Stock Cars along with a huge Fireworks Display on Sunday 28th October.


BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
World Qualifying Round 6
National Shootout Round 8

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
Grand National Championship plus Whites & Yellows Championship

BriSCA V8 Stock Cars
17/11/2018 @ 5pm
Birmingham 🏁 BriSCA GALA NIGHT 🏁

The BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars end their 2018 tarmac season at Birmingham Wheels Raceway on Saturday 17th November with the 2018 BriSCA Gala Night, featuring BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars, BriSCA Formula Two Stock Cars and the BriSCA V8 Stock Cars.

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
Including the Under 25's Championship

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

BriSCA V8 Stock Cars

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