Hednesford Hills Raceway


Hednesford Hills Raceway has over 50 years of motorsport history and is the fastest quarter-mile oval in Europe, with the speeds many cars achieve around its fearsome steeply banked turns really having to be seen to be believed!

Since the 1950's Hednesford has provided stunning racing and great entertainment from Stock Cars, Hot Rods and Bangers in equal measure with a huge variety of other attractions in between. Some of the biggest events in the sport of short oval racing take place at the venue, with the annual Bill Morris Veterans Day and Civil War seeing huge grids of cars raced to destruction, while the sky is lit up every Bonfire weekend with one of the Midlands’ biggest firework displays.

One of the most spectacular events of the year is the annual National Championship Weekend at the beginning of August each year, whilst the annual Caravan Grand Prix on May Day Bank Holiday Monday always supplies the huge Bank Holiday crowd some incredible, not to be missed action.

The circuit was built in 1952 utilising the site of a former reservoir. The track is a full quarter mile length oval, with two banked corners, and a tarmac track surface surrounded by an armco safety fence.

With the track built at the base of the reservoir, it has the advantage of being at the bottom of a large "bowl" and means that viewing is superb all around the track from its grass banks and two covered grandstands, and there are excellent facilities to ensure a great day out for all the family.

The track is situated high on Cannock Chase just one mile from the town of Hednesford in Staffordshire, and is easily accessible from the M6, M6 Toll and A5.

Hednesford Hills Raceway,
Reservoir Road,
WS12 1BF.

Contact Details
Weekdays:- 01252 322920

Racedays:- 01543 422046

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Other Information

Coming attractions to Hednesford

Date Venue
27/8/2018 @ 1.30pm

The Ford Focus enters its 20th year of production in 2018, so to celebrate we will be hosting the Ford Focus Fandango at Hednesford Hills Raceway on Monday 27th August featuring Ford Focus Only Back to Basic Bangers.

Back to Basic Bangers
Ford Focus Only

Classic Hot Rods
The Late Summer Classic

Oval Track Legends
Des Chandler Trophy
9/9/2018 @ 1.30pm

The Stock Rods race for their Gold Roof World Championship on Sunday 9th September at Europe's fastest quarter-mile oval!
Th Lighting Rods will also be racing in big numbers as they contest their European Championship title.

Stock Rods
World Championship

Lightning Rods
European Championship

World Qualifier
23/9/2018 @ 1.30pm

Originally launched as the Opel Kadett D in 1978, the Vauxhall Astra turns 40 years of age this year! We couldn’t miss the opportunity to host another Automotive Birthday Bash, so we are sending you this invitation to the first ever Vauxhall Astra-Vaganza on Sunday 23rd September.

Back to Basic Bangers
Astra Only


ORCi Ministox
Hednesford Open Championship
14/10/2018 @ 1.30pm

The Classic Hot Rods race for their 2018 Autumn Classic on Sunday 14th October and are joined by their modern day counter parts, the National Hot Rods at the home of UK Hot Rod racing - Hednesford Hills Raceway.

The howling American Oval Track Legends will also be in attendance as they race for their Shootout Series Round 7. Be sure to join in with the American traditional 'Waved Lap' at the start of their Feature Final.

Full contact racing will be provided by the Bangers.


Classic Hot Rods
Autumn Classic

National Hot Rods
2018/19 World Qualifying Round 5

Oval Track Legends
Shootout Series Round 7
4/11/2018 @ 2pm

The skies of Hednesford Hills Nature Reserve will be set alight on Sunday 4th November with the annual Fireworks Spectacular at Hednesford Hills Raceway. We also have the Back to Basic Bangers racing for their 10th Annual Gamble Motorsport Man of the Midlands Championship, so we can expect big grids of crash and smash action! This will also be the only opportunity to see the National Hot Rods under the Hednesford floodlights, along with their heritage counterparts - the Classic Hot Rods.

Back to Basic Bangers
Man Of The Midlands Championship

10th Anniversary sponsored by
Gamble Motorsport
& Wulfsport International

Classic Hot Rods
Best In Britain

National Hot Rods
2018/19 World Qualifying Round 7

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