BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

Named the 'Big League' of oval racing, BriSCA F1 Stock Cars are a real spectacle, with the drivers household names among the fans and the race action bordering on unbelievable.

The sight of these monsters powering around the ovals is incredible - with the added excitement of contact racing meaning these

Powered by 600bhp+ Chevrolet V8 engines and fitted with hefty steel bumpers, these leviathans shake the very foundations of the stadium with the roar and rumble of their powerplants and the clash of metal on metal, backed by the shouts and cheers of the crowd as they egg on their favourite drivers.

The BriSCA F1 Stock Cars race up and down the UK on tarmac and shale tracks, each year our Northampton Shaleway holds the European Championship and World Masters events as well as incredible events at more of our tracks throughout the year.

This year it's Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich which plays host for the prestigious BriSCA F1 Championship of the World: an event which is not to be missed!

The BriSCA F1 circus provide large grids and incredibly close racing at tracks around the country throughout the year. The events, speed, skill and style have to be seen to be believed, so find their next event at one of our tracks below!

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