ORCi Statement – Coronavirus Pandemic - Added 17/03/2020

The UK Government has issued further guidance to event organisers with a recommendation that people should not attend pubs, theatres and large gatherings and to protect the NHS, frontline services are unable to support such events due to the resources required by the emergency services.

Scotland earlier advised that all gatherings attended by 500 people or more should not take place effective from 16th March.

Having reviewed this information the ORCi have heeded the request from the Government for businesses to act responsibly, and, as such have taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend future race meetings at ORCI venues until such time as guidance from the Government changes.

Whilst we recognise the news will be disappointing for race fans and drivers alike, our highest priority must be to ensure the safety of all who attend our events, and protect the resilience of the UK’s public services – especially the emergency services and the NHS – as strongly advised to by the Government. To ignore this advice would be deeply irresponsible given the current circumstances.

Whilst ORCi venues employ their own paramedic, first aid and safety steward team, including private ambulances, we all know that motorsport can be dangerous, and incidents can and do happen which require the attendance of the emergency services. It is impossible for any ORCi venue to legislate against the need to call on the assistance of the emergency services for either an on-track/in stadia incident, and as such we are unable to guarantee that we could proceed without making any call on the services which this government guidance seeks to protect.

As the ORCi we will of course continue to keep our race fans, race teams and individual promotions will keep team members informed of when we plan on resuming the fixture calendar for 2020 and will do this as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to continue to follow the advice of the relevant authorities to ensure the well-being of themselves, their family’s and local communities, whilst sending a strong message of support to the health professionals and members of our emergency services and other key workers who are working so hard for our benefit during this period.

ORCi Ltd

Events Still On! - Added 13/03/2020

Events Still On!

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to announce that all of the events scheduled for the weekend of the 14/15th March 2020 are still going ahead as planned.

Following current advise when at the venues not to stand in large groups but use the view areas available within the stadiums so everyone can enjoy the racing while respecting each others personal space.

If this situation changes it will be announced via the websites but as of 12.30pm on Friday 13th March 2020 our events will take place.

See you there!

‘Back To Basics’ @ Hednesford On Sunday - Added 11/03/2020

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to make everyone aware that the ‘Back To Basic’ Bangers meeting this coming Sunday 15th March at Hednesford Hills Raceway will now be dropping the “Ford Fenzy” conditions and will run as a normal ‘Back To Basics’ meeting which means you do not need a Ford to race!

If this now means you are looking to race, please book-in and this can be done by calling 01252 322920, on the text service 07501 828911, by email info@spedeworth.co.uk or complete the drivers booking-in form via the link below.

Thank you.

Drivers Click Here To Book-in

Drivers Bookings! - Added 10/03/2020

The main racing season is now upon us with all of the tracks coming alive from the winter break.

Bookings for race meetings are now open for meetings upto two months in advance of the date of the event.

We request that drivers’ book-in for meetings you are planning to attend please once you know you are going to attend and not leave the booking until last minute.

This is even more important this season for you as the drivers.

With the closure of Birmingham Wheels Raceway and the fixtures having to be re-worked, some formulas are awaiting fixtures and if bookings for currently planned formulas are not sufficient we may have to remove formulas from events to accommodate formulas on the waiting list.

Therefore, as stated above it is important for drivers to book-in sooner rather than later for your respective formulas please.

Bookings can be made by calling 01252 322920, on the text service 07501 828911, by email info@spedeworth.co.uk or complete the drivers booking-in form via the link below.

An additional note please to formulas scheduled to race at Hednesford Hills Raceway on Sunday 15th March 2020. If you are planning to race you need to book-in ASAP!

Thank you.

Drivers Click Here To Book-in

Race Receivers Information - Added 06/03/2020

This weekend (7th / 8th March 2020) is the first group of events within the Spedeworth Group where all formulas except the National Bangers / Bangers are required to be using race receivers.

The generic channel for you to set your race receiver channel to is 952.

At the drivers briefing the Steward of the Meeting will complete a radio check with the drivers so please make sure you have it with you. Also, if you are unsure how to programme the race receiver you will be guided through the process at the briefing.

For those who would like have a go at setting the channel in advance please follow these instructions:-

• Turn on the race receiver.
• To set the channel press the blue button until the display blinks.
• Press the red button to advance 100 channels at a time.
• Once at channel 900, use the arrow keys to reach 952.
• Press the blue button to lock the channel. The display will stop blinking.

Job done!


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