2.0 Hot Rod Euro C/ship L/C Places - Added 18/06/2018

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to make all 2.0 Hot Rod drivers aware that on Wednesday 20th June 2018 there will now be two last chance places available to secure yourself a spot on the European Championship grid at the annual Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich Spedeweekend!

Bookings are being taken now and can be made by calling 01252 322920, on the text service 07501 828911, by email info@spedeworth.co.uk or complete the drivers booking-in form via the link below.

The two spaces will be awarded to the first two drivers over the line of the meeting final who have not already qualified via the seeded places.

See you there.

Click Here To Book-in


It’s the Junior Banger British Championship at Stoke on Saturday 30th June and both Incarace and Spedeworth have been allocated six seeds to go direct to the big race. If there are sufficient additional bookings, there will be a last chance race for any non-qualifiers.

If you wish to race at this meeting, then please book in with us as soon as possible in order for us to allocate the seeded drivers.

These will be selected on Wednesday 20th June after which any other drivers booking in will be treated as ‘last chance’ irrespective of Points chart position.

The seeds will be allocated from Points Chart 3 on the respective points charts for Incarace and Spedeworth.

Please book in for this meeting by either ringing 0121 357 7328 or clicking the link below.

Click Here to Book in for this meeting.

2018 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP NEWS - Added 07/06/2018

Final preparations are now in order for the 2018 European Championship event for BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2 and Rebel Racers to be held over the weekend of 28th & 29th July.

Following a complete review of the event over the last few years, we have listened to drivers and supporters alike and intend to make the 2018 event, bigger, better and of course on the new Northampton Shaleway.

The first meeting on the new surface took place over the May Bank Holiday weekend and whilst the track did exhibit a few teething problems, drivers overall voted it an enormous success. There are still a couple more meetings for the track to bed itself in and more and more time will be invested between then and now to provide a really good racing surface for the big event.

Shales does of course mean it takes slightly longer to run a race meeting and with this in mind we have moved the start time on Saturday to a much earlier 2.30pm. There will of course be no practice as in previous years, so this does allow us to start at that earlier time.

Starting earlier also will hopefully mean that we finish earlier than previous years, because we are planning a big party in a massive marquee which will be situated next to the bar on the home straight. If all goes well we will be looking to finish racing on Saturday evening around 8 – 8.30pm which will give people ample time to get ready and party into the night with live music and a great atmosphere – like it used to be!

The prospect of running the Euro’s on shale has already changed the event dramatically with serious interest from Holland. We already have 25 + Dutch BriSCA F2 Stock Cars booked in to race and would consider that there will be a good showing of BriSCA F1 Cars from Holland too. Bookings will be restricted to specific numbers within each formula and where required, priority will be given to those drivers that have supported Incarace during 2018.

Sunday is of course Championship day, and this will commence promptly at Midday as we are unable to start any earlier. The European Championship for BriSCA F2’s and the Rebel Racers will start the day off and will be an ideal opportunity to blow the cobwebs from those partying eyes from the night before. Following the success of last years format, the BriSCA F1’s will continue to qualify for their European Championship race which will be their Final of the day.

Advance tickets for the event are already on sale and offer a significant saving from prices on the day.

The 2018 European Championship weekend promises to be a momentous event – we do hope you will be able to join us.

Click here for Online Ticketing

or click here to download an Order Form



Sunday sees the second I Factor event at Hednesford Hills Raceway and based on the success of the previous round, we would like to repeat the main arrangements agreed last time to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We again need to be mindful that the logistics of running an eight-formula meeting at Hednesford is totally different from the same event being run at Birmingham, purely because of the layout of the track and the pits.

Please read the following carefully so that you are fully aware of what is required of you or your team on the day.

We are planning to open the Pit Gate for driver access at 9am. All driver access will be via the normal driver entrance. As usual we have a big entry, so everyone needs to be ready to be served at the pit gate. Drivers will require their race licence and will be asked to sign in at the gate. You will also be charged at this point for all entries – please try to speed things up and have your money ready – It is £14 for Adults, £11 Over 65, £6 Child, £40 Family, plus don’t forger the £2 for the ORCi.

You will be directed to your allocated pit area as follows :

Grand Prix Midgets – Hot Rod Pits
JASCARS – Hot Rod Pits
Buxton Open Rods – Banger Pits
Slick Cars – Rear of Hot Rod/Banger Pits
UK Modifieds – Rear of Hot Rod/Banger Pits
Oval Track Legends – Top Slope
Old Skool Superstox – Top Slope
Incarods – Bottom Pits

Please abide by the Pit Marshal’s instructions and park where you are requested to park.

There is NO practice or familiarisation laps available for any formula.

This is mandatory for EVERY DRIVER – For the particular attention of drivers not used to competing at Hednesford, ALL drivers must attend the briefing and will be required to sign a briefing sheet and at the same time be wrist banded. This is a Health & Safety requirement at Hednesford Hills Raceway – Please note that any driver missing the briefing and not signing and obtaining a wristband means that they WILL miss their first race – IT IS THAT IMPORTANT – so don’t miss the briefing. Your wristband will need to be shown to the Pit Gate Marshal when entering the track for every race.

The briefing will take place on the infield of the track at 12.15 PROMPT.

The time schedule with eight formulas is extremely tight, so we are looking to save time here and there to assist in the swift running of the meeting.

You need to be ready for your races well ahead of time – listen and help the Pit Marshals. We will be loading races onto the infield ahead of time and once we have loaded a race ready, unless you have had a prior mechanical problem, you will not be allowed to just join in. Please make sure you are ready in plenty of time 3 - 4 races ahead of what is on track.

Unless you are involved in an accident resulting in the race being stopped for you and you are injured, or your car is on fire, YOU MUST STAY IN YOUR CAR. Anyone getting out of their race vehicle on track otherwise will be loaded up for the rest of the meeting.

Your conduct under RED flags will be watched very carefully. The requirement under RED flags is wherever possible to stop within ¼ lap and THEN STAY STOPPED – DO NOT KEEP CIRCULATING.

Your conduct under YELLOW flags will also be monitored – The requirement under YELLOW flags is to stop racing, slow down to walking pace, get into single file, NO OVERTAKING and wait or further instructions. Failure to comply may well result in an exclusion from the race.

At the CHEQUERED flag, KEEP RACING until the RED flags to allow all of the lap scoring to be completed.

Due to the logistics of the winner’s ramp and the time involved, there will be NO victory laps or Trophy presentations after each race, including the junior formula with the exception of the Grand Prix Midget Championship race

We are however planning an end of meeting trophy presentation in or around the bar area at the end of the meeting. Our caterer Mark Mitchell is going to supply sandwiches and chips, so we will be able to celebrate everyone’s successes for all to applaud. This was very popular at the last meeting, so we do hope you will all join in, winners or losers.


You are first race, so we will need you ready to go on track at 12.55 so that you can get gridded ready for a prompt start at 1pm
Please note that RACECEIVERS are MANDATORY.

Old Skool Superstox
You are pitted at the top of the pit slope. You should be reminded that when travelling down the slope you need to turn left into the pit area halfway down the hill before the café as you are not allowed to drive directly to the bottom of the slope, into the pits.

UK Mods
You are pitted this week in the rear of the trackside pits rather than in the bottom pits.
We have agreed for ONE quick warm up lap to warm tyres and brakes, followed by one rolling lap behind the pace car.

Grand Prix Midgets
Your first race is your European Championship, followed by 2 normal races.
We will allow 2 warm up laps for the European, stop, to a Clutch Start.
We will allow a presentation lap for your Championship race.
For the other two races, there will not be any warm up laps
Please note that RACECEIVERS are MANDATORY – Any new drivers can purchase them on the day.

Oval Track Legends
You are pitted in your normal position on the top of the slope.
You should be reminded that when travelling down the slope you need to turn left into the pit area halfway down the hill before the café as you are not allowed to drive directly to the bottom of the slope, into the pits.
Please note that RACECEIVERS are MANDATORY – Any new drivers can purchase them on the day. Channel number for the day will be 143

Buxton Open Rods
As our guest formula for the day, you are pitted in the trackside Banger pits.
We hope you enjoy your racing at Hednesford Hills Raceway.

Slick Cars
There will be NO warm up laps – races will be clutch start straight in.
Drivers racing for the first I Factor Slick Car meeting of 2018 will be lined up at the rear.
Please note that RACECEIVERS are MANDATORY – Any new drivers can purchase them on the day. Channel number for the day will be 541. Any Classic Hot Rods or National Hot Rods need to change from their normal channel.

You are pitted in the lower pit area for this meeting. Please remember before you comment that you were parked trackside for your last meeting as that was your National Championship.
There will only be Incarods parked in this area, so we have decided that we will NOT be operating our usual one-way system and that drivers can both drive to the track and back to the pits via the back pit road.
You should be reminded that when travelling down the slope you need to turn left into the pit area halfway down the hill before the café as you are not allowed to drive directly to the bottom of the slope, into the pits.
Please note that RACECEIVERS are MANDATORY – Any new drivers can purchase them on the day. Channel number for the day will be 701

And finally….
The full race order will be posted on the website shortly, so take time to read that too.
We all need to help each other on Sunday to ensure the smooth running of what promises to be another really good day.

Best of luck to all drivers and teams.


Advance tickets for the 2018 European Championship Weekend at Northampton International Shaleway, on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July, will go on sale from Wednesday 6th June from 10am.

These are the advanced prices for the weekend event

General Admission£40.00
Concession : Over 65's£36.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs)£12.00

The advance admission tickets also offer a discount from on the day prices - on the day prices will be as follows :

General Admission : Saturday£22.00
General Admission : Sunday £25.00
General Admission : 2 Day£45.00
Concession : Over 65's : Saturday£20.00
Concession : Over 65's : Sunday£23.00
Concession : Over 65's : 2 Day£41.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) : Saturday £8.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) : Sunday£8.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) : 2 Day£14.00

Tickets can be purchased by calling us on 0121 357 7328 or 01252 322920 from Wednesday 6th June and providing your details over the telephone. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm.

There is a £2 Administration processing Fee of £2

You may also purchase tickets from our online ticketing shop by clicking the link below. You may choose to have them either sent to you in the post or collect them from the stadium on the day of the event.

Please note:- The camping charge is payable by ALL vehicles/units at £25 for the whole weekend, including Friday evening and you may also stay on Sunday evening – It is one charge for all.

Tickets will also be available at all Incarace race meetings from Dave Gamble Motorsport.

You alternatively may apply by post with a cheque payment to : Incarace Limited, P O Box 9889, Birmingham, B43 6WA.

Click here for Online Ticketing

Click here to download Order Form


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Coming Events
- 23/ 6 - 6.45pm -
Thunder 500

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
World Qualifying Round
sponsored by
Advanced Industrial Engineering

National Hot Rods

National Ministox
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- 24/ 6 - 1.30pm -

We will be bringing the drivers of yesteryear out of retirement for a one-off bash and crash around Hednesford Hills Raceway on Sunday 24th June for the 20th Annual Bill Morris Veterans Day. This year it will be a little different to celebrate the occasion as the Unlimited National Bangers will be Pre-1985 cars only. There will be yet more to excitement on this day as we celebrate 50 years of the Ford Escort with the Ford Escort Extravaganza with Escort Only Back to Basic Bangers. This event is equally headlined with the most important Classic Hot Rod race of the year for the Bill Morris Memorial English Championship and will see a full grid of Classics celebrating the life of the founder of Hednesford Hills Raceway, Bill Morris.

Unlimited Veteran
National Bangers

Back to Basic Bangers
Escorts Only

Classic Hot Rods
Bill Morris Memorial Trophy
English Open Championship

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- 24/ 6 - 1pm -

The BriSCA V8 Stock cars take centre stage today competing for the Rd and Yellow Chequered Roof in the 2018 European Championship. No longer the poor relation to F1’s, these drivers can often upstage their big brothers with ard hitting action and today should be no different.

Fantastic support will be provided by the young guns in the ever popular National Ministox who are here in force in their UK Challenge Trophy Final.

The 2018 BriSCA F1 World Qualifying Series comes to a close with drivers battling for crucial points to secure their grid positions in the Semi Finals later in the summer and they will be using this as a warm up for the refreshed European Championship weekend on 28th / 29th July on the new Shale surface.

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
World Qualifying Round

National Ministox
UK Challenge Trophy

BriSCA V8 Stock Cars
European Championship

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- 30/ 6 - 4.30pm -
Round 6



Junior Stoxkarts

Midland 400 Championship Round

Micro F2 Stock Cars


Stock Rods
Double Incarace points meeting

Gold Top Qualifying Round 7

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- 30/ 6 - 4pm -
Junior Bangers
British Championship


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