Birmingham Saved! - Added 17/01/2020

Thanks to all parties behind the scenes under the banner of the Save Birmingham Wheels campaign, Spedeworth / Incarace are pleased to confirm that Birmingham Wheels Raceway will be operating during 2020!!

With the good news coming through from Philip Bond who has been heading the campaign for us all we can now continue with the job of planning the fixtures for Incarace in 2020.

The fixtures for Incarace will be released very soon now the planning can continue moving forward.

Watch this space for further news!!

SWAFFHAM RACEWAY - Added 15/01/2020

In the last 14 days the ORCi has learnt that the stadium owners made a decision to accept an offer from a different prospective promotional team to take over operations at Swaffham Raceway from the 1st February.

As all who know Pete Gould would understand, he has become extremely well respected and worked tirelessly for a number of years trying to re-establish the raceway with considerable success and at considerable personal cost.

In late 2018 / early 2019 the ORCi accepted Swaffham and, with further investment in his operation from Pete, joined the ORCi.

This potentially opened up the venue to more mainstream formulae and exciting plans for 2020 were at an advanced stage.

Sadly, in just recent weeks, despite offers of support and meetings involving other ORCi promoters supporting Peter, the owners took a decision to change.

Whilst the ORCi have not been in direct contact with the new promotion, neither have they been in contact with us however they have made it clear in their announcement they wish to operate independently.

This was discussed at a recent ORCi meeting and we are saddened for Pete, together with assistance volunteered with others to secure the stadium for Pete and ORCi formulae.

Mr Gould has been offered support from the ORCi where it can to find ways for him to move forward however, given the circumstances as part of that support the ORCi advises that:
Any driver racing in any formula at Swaffham will receive a 12 month ORCi ban which will be reset every time that driver races there.

If there are any further developments, then the ORCi will issue further guidance.

Thank You To All - Added 15/01/2020

On Sunday 12th January 2020 two armies went to war in the hills of Hednesford and this year it was victory to the south!

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to thank everyone for their support of the event whether that was on the track or the terraces.

We would like to thank all of the staff for the hard work you all put into the event. The staff everyone can see on the track are a team who are also backed up by those staff behind the scenes who all work together to put on the event from the Steward of the Meeting to everyone in all of the different departments, without them all the war could not take place.

The drivers all came and some conquered during the day to do their best for each of the armies to try and claim the victory. The team generals, Paul Adams / Stu Kearsley and their support team captains who spend many months in advance of the event organising the drivers and the ranks to provide a full line up for each side. Without their efforts which are backed-up by the drivers who come and race the event would never have grown to be in it’s 21st year of running. For all of this again we want to say to you all thank you!

We cannot forget of course all of the race fans who come to the Hednesford bowl to support their respective army and those who don’t care who wins and have simply come for a day of racing action. The atmosphere within the stadium was as electric as ever with you all cheering for your team and booing the other side! It all adds to the show and excitement which is Civil War. Again, thank you!!

That’s it for now as the 2020 war is won but now the question is who will win the 22nd battle to be held in 2021??

ORCi Rules of Racing - Restarts - Added 14/01/2020

The Oval Racing Council would like to announce the following amendments to the “Rules of Racing” with regards to the lining up of cars for restarts, and the reinstatement of cars. These amendments are effective immediately and apply to all formulas.

The full announcement can be found via the link below.

Click Here For More Information

Civil War Information - Added 10/01/2020

The 21st running of the Civil War takes place at Hednesford Hills Raceway on Sunday 12th January 2020 at 1pm.

Please find below details which will help everyone on arrival at the venue:-

• Please do not go to the raceway on Saturday or park overnight outside the venue.
• The approach road will open at 7.30am to competitors and spectators.
• Stadium gates will open at 8am.
• We are pleased to announce thanks to the help from Hednesford Town FC that they are supplying additional car parking at the football ground for our event. Parking is free at the football club and security will be on site throughout the day. Please park where asked to do so. The football ground is approximately 20-25 minute walk to the raceway along the main road and up the hill. The HTFC car park will open at 10am and will remain open until 1 hour after the end of the racing to give everyone ample time to return to their cars at the football ground.
• Spectator Parking:- Please park where instructed to do so both within the raceway and on the outside car parks. At the end of the event please be patient when queuing to leave the area and following the instructions of the staff.
• Spectator Entrance:- The main gate and turnstiles will be allocated to specific payment methods to aid with the flow of spectators into the stadium. Please check the signs to ensure you are in the correct line to avoid any problems. Spectators who have purchased e-tickets in advance, please make sure you use the designated e-ticket turnstiles unless you are aiming to park inside the raceway. In this instance please go through the main gate and our staff will process your tickets.
• Competitor Entrance:- All competitors MUST use the right-hand lane at the end of the approach road and enter the stadium via the top pit gate.
• Pit Parking:- This year the pit parking is going to be different to previous years. For 2020 all Unlimited cars will be parked in the trackside pits with each army using opposite sides. The rest of the North Army will be located in the top pit area. The rest of the South Army will be located in the far bottom pit area.
• Driver Signing-On:- This will take place in Race Control for all drivers.
• Driver Briefing:- All drivers please note the drivers briefing for ALL drivers will take place on the Figure of Eight at 12NOON! This briefing is compulsory so please ensure you arrive in good time to get parked in the pit area, signed-on and attend the briefing. All drivers will be required to sign to say they have attended and obtain a wristband to be permitted to race.
• First race starts at 1pm.

Good luck to all drivers and may the best team win!!


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