Rookie Rods

This low budget, non-contact formula is the perfect starting ground for drivers of the future who are wanting to take to the Spedeworth Incarace ovals!

The Rookie Rods are a real success story for Spedeworth. Designed as a way of allowing smaller budget racers to get on track, this fun formula are the perfect place to learn the racecraft and skill needed in the vast number of other non-contact classes around our Raceways.

With such a mix of drivers taking to the formula, it results in exciting racing in front of crowds across the Spedeworth and Incarace ovals. Whether it's trying to get around competitors on the outside line or diving up the inside, the Rookie Rods are always great to watch.

The class consists of hatchbacks such as Novas, Fiestas and Corsas. These cars are deliberately kept as standard, with small changes permitted to make them race-ready.

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Where you can see this class in action

Date Venue Formula
30/12/2023 @ 1pm
Eastbourne 2023 Season Finale

1ltr Hot Rods

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Rookie Rods
DLK Equestrian Construction Shootout Series Grand Final

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