Northampton - 12/6/2021 @ 5pm

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Northampton Race Day Information – 12th June 2021

This news item will outline the event times and the running order you need to know so please read this article in full and carefully.

The event will run whilst adhering to the government guidelines regarding Covid-19 and following the ORCi method statement and risk assessment.

Advanced Tickets & Race Bookings have now CLOSED.

Drivers please note if you have not booked-in by calling 01252 322920 and confirming payment you are NOT permitted to attend so do not just turn up.

Race fans please note that tickets are NOT available to purchase at the raceway on the day of the event. If you have not got advanced e-ticket(s) please do not make the journey to the event as you will not be permitted entrance into the venue.

Session Times

The drivers pit gate will open 2pm.
The spectator turnstiles will open at 2.30pm.
The first race will be at 5pm.

Running Order

The running order is now available via the link below and a copy of the running order will be available to view at the raceway but if you wish your own copy of the running order please print off a copy and bring it with you.

Attendance & PPE

Remember this race event is restricted.

Drivers must have supplied the names of the people within your social bubble in advance. If anyone within your sociable bubble is unable to come you can not bring someone different with you.

All drivers will be required to supply their own racing PPE as normal plus a face covering (mandatory for all persons in your social bubble) which must be worn at all times once within the venue except in the case of the driver when you have your racing PPE on to racing.

Spectators must enter the stadium via the advanced ticket entrance and please remember to bring you face covering and e-ticket with you to avoid any issues at the turnstiles.

Pit Parking

On arrival at the raceway you will be required to queue within the car park leading down to the pit gate entrance until instructed to enter the pits. Please follow the verbal and hand signals of the pit marshal. All transporters will be required to park whilst leaving a ‘cars’ gap between each other.

Spectator Parking

On arrival at the raceway please follow the guidance to the designated car park for the event.

Social Distancing

Drivers:- Maintain a social minimum distance of 2 metres at all times, unless it’s not possible (i.e. – when repairing a car) On the occasions where the 2-metre rule is unachievable then a 1 metre plus PPE MUST be adhered too. This is mandatory.

Spectators:- Maintain a social minimum distance of 2 metres and be wearing your face covering at all times.


Toilets will be provided but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing to use the facilities.


Catering facilities will be available but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing. The bars will remain closed.

We would like to thank you all in advance for adhering to the above instructions to allow everyone to enjoy their day with us.


BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Ministox


Click Here To View The Running Order

Booking List

Booking list as 11/06/2021, 2.45pm

Bangers - 'Back To Basics'

3 Vicki Law
8 Chris Deverick
12 David Wright
13 Morgen McCarthy
18 Ashley Law
26 Carl Dean
28 Scott Green
36 Jeremy McGurk
38 Tom Allen
45 Eric Curtis Jnr
49 Kyle Cook
97 Tracy Scott
101 Hannah Watson
112 Martin Powell
113 Mark Sutcliffe
130 Gavin Knight
131 Harley McCarthy
142 Nathan Carter
161 Aaron Pilbrough
163 Brad Willis
167 Danny Buzzard
244 Mark Curtis
288 Aaron Phillips
291 Tahlia Haddon
314 Louis Farnell
316 James Cushion
334 Stephen Court
345 Tony Carter
348 Christopher Morris
352 Ben Mynott
361 Ryan Hickling
365 Lee Slack
374 Mark Mulfod
447 John Cohen
541 Craig Hanrahan
597 Ryan Bracegirdle
722 Bob Ewins
777 Harry Wright
852 Craig Hefferman
901 Reece Worby
923 Jonathan Cox
947 Lee Masters

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

5 Ayrton Mills
9 Harley Thackra
26 Gary Ford
38 David Polley
43 Marcus Gilbert
47 Greg McKenzis
48 Ricky Castell
55 Courtney Finnikin
69 Ben Chalkley
81 Mark Clayton
103 Jack Issit
113 Pat Issit
129 Charlie Tomblin
147 Aiden Derry
149 Reece Cox
183 Charlie Guinchard
188 Aaron Patch
209 Kevin Cope
233 Rob Aldridge
239 Michael Johnston
270 Sam Parker
286 Ross Tyler
304 Nathan Topcliff
323 Alex Potts
344 Luke Woodhull
363 Jack Sherratt
449 Mark Dorrill
488 Liam Bentham
532 Jordan Meacham
577 Jack Hughes
584 Charlie Sime
597 Barry Clow
606 Andrew Palmer
612 Daniel Booth
676 Neil Hooper
715 Scott Aldridge
724 Tom Pell
780 Courtney Witts
788 Stephen Mallinson
790 James Waterfall
801 Jack Cave
929 Harry Hensby
968 Micky Brennan
995 Michael Lund

National Ministox

1 Jack Witts
28 Joshua Wilson
29 Gracie Squire
51 Joelan Maynard
55 Lily Finnikin
67 Henry Robson
77 Thomas Earl
79 Oliver Smith
85 Caiden Morrison
140 Matthew Robinson
171 Thomas Dunne
180 Lucy Witts
222 Jordan Wright
223 Toby Partridge
231 Bradley Clayton
269 Freddie Rogers
277 Thomas Rogers
291 Liam Waterfall
335 Jake Woodhull
345 Thomas Andrew
425 Boden Murfin
443 Ellie Dickerson
569 Adam Langridge
925 Jake Wilson
955 Freya Finnikin

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!

To save the time and effort of checking this page on spec we would suggest that you subscribe to the INCARACE mail-list.  By doing so you will receive regular news updates as well as notification when the driver listings have been posted!

Coming Events
- 12/ 6 - 5pm -
Ninja Karts
European Championship

- 12/ 6 - 5pm -
Back To Basics

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Ministox

Advanced Tickets Closed

Driver Bookings Closed
Click Here for More Information

- 12/ 6 - 5pm -
Kings Lynn
1300cc Stock Cars
British Championship

- 12/ 6 - 6pm -

Lightning Rods
English Championship

Oval Track Legends
East Anglian Championship

Advanced Tickets Closed

Driver Bookings Closed
Click Here for More Information

- 13/ 6 - 12pm -
World Qualifier
Southern Shakedown Series Round 2

Bone Builders Ninja Karts

Rookie Rods
Southern Shootout Series Round 2

2020 Safari Land Rover Engineering Challenge Series Grand Final
2021 Safari Land Rover Engineering Challenge Series Round 1
Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 3

Advanced Tickets Closed

Driver Bookings Closed
Click Here for More Information

- 13/ 6 - 1pm -
National Bangers
Unlimited World Series Round 2

2.0 Hot Rods
Midland Championship
Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 2

American Cup Cars
British Championship

Stock Rods
Polleysport/Yokohama Tyres Series Round 1
(Incarace & Spedeworth points scoring meeting)

Advanced Tickets Closed

Driver Bookings Closed
Click Here for More Information

- 13/ 6 - 2pm -
Scott Taylor Memorial Meeting

1300cc Stock Cars

Back To Basics

Rookie Rods
Eastern Extravaganza Series Round 3

Advanced Tickets Available Now

Driver Bookings Closed
Click Here for More Information

- 19/ 6 - 5pm -
1300cc Stock Cars
Motor Parts Direct Super Series Round 1

Back To Basics

Shale Shifters Round 1
British 2021 Round 4

Advanced Tickets Available Now

Driver Bookings Available From
Monday 14th June @ 9am

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