Info For Junior Banger Drivers - Added 25/02/2019

The Junior Banger Association are delighted to announce the championships for 2019 which are below

World Championship – Northampton – Sat 29 June
European Championship – Stoke – Sat 15 June
British Championship – Birmingham – Sat 10 August
English Championship – King’s Lynn – Sat 7 September

Drivers will qualify for the above meetings through their own promotions.

The Junior Banger Association have invested a lot of time and resources into the formula over the past few seasons and are disappointed that the formula and rules are continually taken by tracks outside the association and copied. It also concerns the association that things happen on these tracks which we have no control over discipline wise and problems can manifest themselves between drivers and not be dealt with which then escalate on JBA circuits.

The JBA has therefore decreed that any driver who wishes to race on an association track may not now race a Junior Banger on any track outside the association. It is up to all drivers if they wish to race at association tracks or race on those outside but a choice now has to be made.

Drivers should note that should they race a Junior Banger at a track which is not a member of the Junior Banger Association from 1 March 2019 they will receive a ban from racing a Junior Banger at JBA tracks.

To clarify tracks which are members of the Junior Banger Association are any Spedeworth, Incarace, Startrax or Trackstar track together with Mildenhall and Skegness. Guest dates take place at Swaffham, Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly and drivers are allowed to compete at these tracks.

Drivers should booked in for all meetings through their home promotion.


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Coming Events
- 25/ 5 - 5pm -
Incarace World Qualifying Round

Lightning Rods
Polleysport / Yokohama Tyres Serie Round 8
Spedeworth & Incarace points scoring meeting

ORCi Ministox
ORCi Championship


E-Tickets Now Available!!
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- 26/ 5 - 12noon -
'Back To Basics'
Fours Tournament including Flag Race

Bone Builders Ninja Karts

UK Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars

Please Note:- Junior Bangers now at Eastbourne on Monday 27th May 2019

E-Tickets Now Available!!
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- 26/ 5 - 5.30pm -
National Bangers
National Banger World Series
Round 4

Rookie Rods

Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 7
Safari Land Rover Engineering Challenge Series Round 5

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- 27/ 5 - 1.30pm -
National Bangers
Micro Madness
4-a-side Teams

Junior Bangers
Spedeworth & Incarace points scoring meeting

Mini Super Twos

Please Note:- Bone Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars moved to Wednesday 29th May

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- 27/ 5 - 1.30pm -
'Back To Basics'

Classic Hot Rods

Oval Track Legends
National Championship

Stock Rods
Midland Championship
Spedeworth & Incarace points scoring meeting

E-Tickets Now Available!!
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