Pre-87 Crash Cavalcade - Added 22/09/2017

“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious stuff.”

1987 is just around the corner and that’s our next stop. Hednesford Hills Raceway goes back to the way we were on Sunday 24th September with the Pre-87 Crash Cavalcade. A day dedicated to classic cars and heritage of British Hot Rod and Banger Racing.

We will have the most stunning formula that Incarace has to offer – the Classic Hot Rods; a formula full of racing history. In this class you can see Mk 1 & Mk 2 Ford Escorts, Ford Anglias, a Hillman Avenger, Vauxhall Viva, Austin A30 and A40.

The youngest element of the drivers today will come of course with the Ministox with drivers aged between 11 -15 years which means that every single car raced in the Ministox class will be older than its driver! Based on the 998cc British Leyland Mini it is easy to forget that these cars were last in production shortly after the turn of the century clocking up 45 years of production from 1956. The youngsters show incredible skills driving these cars and often produce some very close racing.

We also have Pre-87 National Bangers which have been split into two classes (Unders and Overs) which are roughly split into ‘up to 2000cc’ and ‘over 2000cc’ although there will be some exceptions to this where some cars over 2000cc will be allowed to race in the ‘Unders’ class due to the type of car that it is.

The uplift this year to 1987 cars has allowed some extras cars in, one of which was a very iconic car years ago – the Nissan Bluebird. If you didn’t have a Bluebird years ago it was almost a waste of time racing as they did become one of those unbeatable models - There are a couple of Bluebirds booked in so it will be interesting to see how they compete.

Yes, it’s an opportunity to see some of the best against maybe some of not the best models from a long-gone era when we all wore flared trousers, had long hair and watched Top of The Pops on a Thursday Night! Of course, Spectators can enter into the spirit of the occasion and dress in accordance if they so wish to add that extra little atmosphere!

If you own a pre-1987 vehicle, bring it along with you for our Classic Car Show & Shine. Classic Car drivers get free entry, so long as you bring a full paying passenger. You could also end the day by taking one of our Showmanship Trophies back home with you.

We also have a visiting 'formula' appearing today in the Classic Car Show in the form of Classic Modifieds. These are based on Classic Cars, but similar to the Classic Hot Rods also race at limited venues across the country. They may well give us a demonstration during the meeting, but once again, go and say hello and speak to the drivers.

Crash Cavalcade is all about putting on a show and all of the drivers that come along understand that. To pick up one of our trophies you don't need to win but just be entertaining instead! We're talking period correct team wear, smart looking cars, unusual cars and moments of the day. We will also be awarding the classic car show on period correct drivers, unusual cars and car presentation. Every vehicle is eligible and the awards will be judged by our commentary team and Race Directors!

Showmanship Trophies

Race Cars
• Best Appearing Team
• Best Presented Car
• Driving of the Day
• Moment of the Day
• Most Unusual Car

Classic Car Show
• Best Appearing Driver
• Best Presented Car
• Most Unusual Car

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