Foxhall Stadium Meeting Report 15th May 2010 - Added 19/05/2010

It would be no exaggeration to describe the opening Superstox heat at Foxhall Stadium last Saturday as an absolute classic and surely one of the best-ever open-wheeled races seen at the stadium in it’s illustrious fifty year history, writes KEVIN WEGG.

This annual tribute to the legendary commentator John Earrey could not have been more fitting with excitement from the off as Ryan Eaton in his brand new motor was forced in to the fence on the opening lap by Daz Kitson, a real fox in the chicken coup if ever there was one. Kitzon used the bumper without mercy last month and he was even more determined this time ensuring that you daren’t take your eyes off him! He played no part mind when Paul Anscombe tangled with Jack Hughes and ended on his roof and neither did he when Phil Proctor and Paul Langridge collided and Proctor slammed sideways in to the turn four fence. The bumpers were flying in as the lead changed hands several times before Luke Hamilton took it up then the party really started as Colin Aylward had the “audacity” to push Kitson wide who then repaid the compliment with a massive hit.

Ben Marjoram took a bite at Kitson’s rear who then proceeded to give Steve Such an almighty shove that caused him to hit the already parked-up Matt Carberry – a name that would come back to haunt him in the final. Jason Cooper then gave it some with a hit on Alex Meadows that caused Mark Smith to spin before Kitson drifted wide and allowed Cooper through, but not for long as Kitson soon pushed him wide. The hugely-entertaining bumperwork was by now spreading wildly amongst the whole field with Glen Salmon next to dish it out. Cooper was again on the receiving and then the two of them clashed with Kitson who hit the fence, popped a plug lead and thus his lively opener was run. Almost unnoticed Hamilton had a great run at the front until he spun out leaving Dave Miles Snr. to bring home his excellent self-built motor to victory.

An absolutely stonking heat then which not surprisingly whittled the field down to just twenty-eight for the second. Anscombe – minus his crushed wing – was out of luck again when he spun backwards in to the fence and Meadows unluckily pulled up with a mis-fire when second. Kitson meanwhile had – for a change – moved subtly up to second remarkably quickly although Nick Smith was sticking with him in third and actually got close enough to give him a kiss. As it was David Smith punched the air with glee as he took a fine win from the white grade - just reward after rebuilding his car over the winter.

After a relatively mellow second heat Kitson was again on fire in the final with a mega hit on Marjoram resulting in both bouncing off the fence. Marjoram limped off but Kitson wasn’t done although it appeared something wasn’t right as he dropped back. Anscombe completed a miserable evening with another backwards spin as Luke Hamilton took it up from Dave Smith and there they remained which is more than can be said for Kitson who added Shaun Brooker to his list of hits with two large portions although the second gave Matt Carberry a chance to line him up and he positively launched himself at Kitson from way back, flying up and over his front end as both landed in the fence. Advantage Carberry……new balls anyone?..... Roll-on the British at Yarmo on June 13th!!!

Less than half the Banger teams we had last year did battle this time (six teams of six) but battle they certainly did in some style. Danny Coleman was good value in the opening heat splitting up an Old Stock Car Pictures 1-2-3 with two fine front- end spins on Simon Berry and Joe Palmer. Berry’s attempt at revenge unfortunately wiped out Videoman Johnno Phipps as Coleman eventually came home second to Aaron Morris. A large pile-up early on in heat two sorted them out and Coleman’s chances of a repeat display were soon dashed, Palmer taking a win this time. Coleman was again entertaining in the final where Kevin Thurlow so nearly took a rare win having picked off Berry. Sadly for him it all went wrong on the very last bend when the backmarking Michael lane got involved and Simon Berry gleefully took the spoils. For once an entertaining DD saw Stockie driver Joe Palmer complete a spectacular roll which ended with him perched nose down astride Adam Jones resulting in a virtually unheard of red flag. In the restart Thurlow and Lane combined to sandwich Mark Salisbury big-time but he had the last laugh despite crabbing like a good ‘un.

Not only did the Classic Hot Rods (eighteen) look the part they also knew their way round Foxhall too after a gap of many years with an impressive field of Ford Anglias and Mk1 Escorts rolling back the years to a golden era. The racing was largely dominated by John Hendy, Dean Hunt and Rob Montagner who each took a win although the delightful rear end drifting out of the corners from many was a sight for sore eyes. Just to show how committed they were Lee Wood and Rob Montagner (in his trademark Vauxhall Chevette) touched going in to turn three which threw Wood in to the armco which he promptly rode right round to turn four, thankfully with little injury to car or driver. It was nose-to-tail stuff in the final albeit no-one could find a way past John Hendy.
“Thanks for the great memories John - So long as we know.”


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