Arlington Stadium Gala Night Parking - Added 24/10/2014

Spedeworth and Incarace would like to remind people that at tomorrow’s Gala Night meeting at Arlington Stadium will be a very busy meeting and car parking will be at a premium. We had acquired use of the field opposite to the stadium for extra car parking but unfortunately due to the bad weather conditions, this field is now out of use. We do still have extra parking for this meeting opposite in a different location to the field which should be enough to accommodate around 70 vehicles. Please be patient and compliant with the car parking attendants, they will be doing their upmost to get you parked as quickly and efficient as possible.

We strongly recommend spectators do not park on the road outside the stadium as the local police have stated they will be prosecuting people who have parked on the road, so please use the car parking facilities available. As already stated this is going to be a busy night so Spedeworth and Incarace would advise getting to the stadium in good time.

We hope you have an enjoyable night with us, see you there!

Transponder Problem at Foxhall - Added 23/10/2014

Apologies for the lack of transponder results from Saturday. We did have a problem the previous weekend at the National Banger World Championship but after testing the loop the week after, we believed everything was ok as when running transponders across the loop they were all reading as they should have been and we put the problem down to adverse interference which was also affecting mobile phones on that day. Although the Superstox readings on Saturday were mostly fine the National Hot Rods just wouldn't pick up. Investigations today found the problem to which I have attached a photo. The culprit (4 legs and a tail) has yet to be caught though! This part of the loop is underneath the armco/wall so impossible to see without pulling the wires back through which now results in a new transponder loop having to be installed. Sorry once again for the inconvenience.


Christer Earrey - Spedeworth Motorsports

Ford Zetec Rev Limiter Increase - Added 23/10/2014

After monitoring the new zetec engine for the past few months and with good feedback from the drivers we have decided to raise the rev limiter from 7500rpm to 7800rpm to help with gearing. This Is with immediate effect and any drivers wishing to have their ECU changed please call 01252 322934 and we will arrange for them all to be sent Spedeworth HQ where we will alter the programme.


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