Maurice Phipps Funeral Details - Added 07/12/2023

On behalf of the family they have asked us to share the details of the funeral for Maurice.

The funeral will be held at Seven Hills Crematorium on Tuesday 19th December at 2.15pm.
The postcode for the crematorium is IP10 0FG

Following the service there will be a get together at Foxhall Heath Stadium (IP4 5TL).

The family have requested causal dress with tie if possible for the funeral as those who knew Maurice would now well that he always wore a tie.

Spedeworth staff are welcome to wear Spedeworth shirts.

Thank you.

Sad News - Maurice Phipps - Added 04/12/23

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Maurice Phipps this past weekend. Maurice had been a long-time follower of Stock Car racing having attended the very first meeting at Foxhall Stadium in the 50’s and last attended Foxhall at the 1600 Banger World Championship only a fortnight ago.

Not just a spectator, Maurice was also involved with the smooth running at race events, firstly as a flag marshal at the long defunct Peasenhall dirt track and then as a pit marshal and pit access gate marshal at Foxhall and Gt Yarmouth until he retired around 10 years ago. He was still a familiar face around the raceways and will be missed by many who knew him and our condolences go out to his family and friends at this sad time.

A Reminder – Hednesford Cancelled - Added 03/12/2023

A reminder to everyone that unfortunately due to the heavy snowfall the event today (3rd December) has been cancelled.

Despite what people may believe on social media the decision has not been taken lightly.’

A lot of time, effort and planning has gone into this event both by us as the event organisers but by the drivers coming from all over the country and across the water from Northern Ireland and Eire.

I want to make the point of thanking all those drivers, staff and everyone behind the scenes who have helped in getting this meeting onto such a positive advertisement, it genuinely is gutting to have to cancel the event this morning.

The forecast suggested as many would have looked at that the forecast was to be cold and wet but not to produce the amount of snow at the raceway it has. The forecast is due for rain this afternoon however, the logistics of operating the event mean that we would not be able to run the event safely with the amount of snow on the ground.

We arrived at the raceway and were unable to drive up ourselves so we cannot take the risk with the transporters not only trying to get into the raceway but also once inside going up and down the hills.

You must also remember we have do not just have the racing to consider. There is also the spectator element to the event too. The common used for car parking is unsuitable and the risk of injury to people with the possibility of cars sliding not acceptable.

We are trying to bring the Best in Britain back to the glory days of when it ran at Wimbledon Stadium and the booking list showed that drivers were more than willing to support it. To add to the attractiveness of the event we have worked hard with the local community, schools and Hednesford Town Football Club to promote the event to a new local audience so believe me when I say that not been able to run the event today is upsetting knowing how much work and help behind the scenes has gone on and I want to thank everyone of those people for supporting the raceway.

Sadly, today is not meant to be but before everyone goes on criticising the decision please show a bit of understanding that we wanted this event to be a success just as much as you.

Can we also take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe return journey home.

Adam Leslie
Racing Manager


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