BBC RADIO SUFFOLK - Added 23/09/16

BBC Radio Suffolks Graeme McLoughlin chats with Spedeworth / Incarace's Dean Cox ahead of this weekends Oval Motorsport at Mildenhall and Foxhall Stadiums.

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Practice Cancelled At Aldershot Raceway - Added 23/09/2016

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to announce that the final practice session of the year at Aldershot Raceway, scheduled for Saturday 24th September 2016 has been cancelled.

We apologise to any drivers who were planning on coming to practice at Aldershot Raceway.

The next race meeting at Aldershot Raceway is on Sunday 25th September 2016 featuring the Unlimited Back to Basics Bangers, Ladies Bangers, V8 Stock Cars and the Bone Builders Ninja Karts making up a four formula spectacular in this final meeting of the year at Aldershot.

All roads lead to Plough Lane, Wimbledon of course, next Sunday (2nd October) for the first meeting of the Winter Season that we thought would never happen!
See you there!

GOOD MORNING RACE FANS! - Added 23/09/16

Good Morning Race Fans!

Don’t forget this weekend’s Race Action is at Northampton International Raceway for the Unlimited Banger World Series Finale` and Oval Track Legends competing in Round 8 of their Shootout Series at 6:30pm, and Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich where the National Hot Rods are back in town competing for English World Qualifying Round 4 with Bangers in a World Qualifying Round and the Whip St Motors Track Championship Series Grand Final and Rookie Rods competing for their 2016 Long Track Championship starting at 6:45pm.

Mildenhall Stadium reopens with Brisca F2 Stock Cars, 'Whites and Yellows Championship', Bangers Rear Wheel Drive Championship and Ministox starting at 6:30pm.

Sunday, we have action at Aldershot for the 2016 Season Finale` featuring Back to Basics Bangers including a Ramp Jump Race, Ladies Bangers Challenge Series Final, the Bone Builders Ninja Karts and V8 Stock Cars competing for their 2016 Southern Championship starting at 1:00pm.
Hednesford has a ‘Classic Day’ in the 2016 National Bangers Pre 85 Crash Cavalcade, Classic Hot Rods and a Classic Car Parade starting at 1:00pm.

Finally at Yarmouth, we have Back to Basics Bangers, Historic Stock Cars and Mini Super Twos at 5:30pm.

It’s all about the racing and our awesome Race Fans and another great weekend of Oval Motorsport with Spedeworth / Incarace!


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