Micro Bangers Team Preview - Added 13/07/2017

As we continue the build up to Saturday’s Banger Head to Head meeting over the next few days we are going to take an in depth look into all of the drivers and teams racing with Banger Racing guru Matt Black getting out his crystal ball!

We kick things off with the Micro Bangers which will be highly entertaining and lively. Both sides have drivers who can grab the victory. The visitors side have a strong hand with 37 Dave Lewis who to me looks set to feature strongly in this.

Our own hopes though could prove strong too with the likes of 566 Tony Pallet and UK Champion 322 Tom Fox leading the way.

However the Mildenhall side is strong on the wrecking front with the likes of 321 Kieron Fry and 43 Mutley Jnr on the charge. 785 Dom Ambrose was in good form last weekend and he is another with strong credentials.

170 Chris Shipp and 577 Scott Graves could hold the key to stopping the visitors top points scorers.

I see this being very close with Mildenhall winning two heats and Trackstar winning the one heat which would mean the final would be all to play for. Expect that to be the time when 69 Ryno Bartram steps up his game and get down to the business end with the likes of the Desert Rats performing for Mildenhall. 327 Micky Maskell Jnr looks a strong hand for the visitors and expect him to keep boxing on in the final.

Our own lads will be looking to do the same and 247 Jon Bailey I'm sure will be battling to the death and I feel Trackstar could just lose out in a tightly run affair. I feel the dd again could go either way. Both sides have potential to win this class, however it could just be Mildenhall who prevail. However this is just for fun and you can make your own predictions as to how you think this is going to pan out. Good luck lads.

Black’s Prediction from the Micro Bangers
Trackstar: 300 Points (Heat & DD win)
Mildenhall: 400 Points (2 Heats & Final win)

Trackstar Team

9 Bruno Norman
Is a driver who doesn't race very often at all, is always there helping Terry Garrod out. However don't be fooled, this lad is all out attack and dishes out massive shots left right and centre. Is a massive asset to the team and I expect a bold showing.

26 Dan Holmes
A veteran in the game now and will be doing what he can to help his team, whether that be score points or stop the opposition remains to be seen, but the one thing you can count on is that he will definitely not be shying away from the battle.

69 Ryan Bartram
Constantly out for a crash and he will be looking to get to one or two of the visitors before they get to him, great addition to the team and a real lively sort.

93 Luke Nieuwenburg
A lively youngster who has had plenty of success over at Skegness. Gold roof over there and is now trying to have that same sort of dominance on the national scene.

99 Ricky Garrod
Sticks to the small cars nowadays and is holding his own in them. Prefers to race rather than crash, so it could be an interesting day for him.

123 Kieran Gray
Has been putting in some very good displays both here and at Mildenhall and whilst not doing every meeting every week he can have a massive impact on todays outcome. Another lively youngster who can perform at a very high standard on his day.

128 Andy Shipp
Dabbled in the saloons this year, but comes back for the odd banger and today he has been tempted to do the micro head to head. Can be quick in anything he races and I expect him to put up a bold showing today. Borrowed car, not sure what state the owner is expecting it back in lol.

155 Sam Coote
A highly underrated entertainer who can put on a show when the time is right. I expect him to be a dark horse on the entertainer front, and could be very well appreciated by his team mates by the end of the night.

165 Ben Randell
A young man who has been doing well in the bigger cars this year and I expect him to hold his own in the micros in this battle.

170 Chris Shipp
This year has been brilliant for Chris, he is riding high in the entertainer league here at Kings Lynn and is a very strong addition to the Trackstar team. Put on a quality show in the big vans and a previa earlier this year and will be looking to do the same again Saturday.

174 Dave Osbourne
Whipper is the sole member of the gladiators in the micro bangers, and it has been a while since we have seen him here at Kings Lynn in a banger, was awesome a few years back when the Gladiators vs Cream Team war was strong, and if still holding that form, then he should be great to watch.

175 Karl Corsby
Has only done a handful of meetings this year but has caught the eye on several occasions with some solid displays in some quick micros, expect him to try and escape from the visitors and mount a challenge for the points.

247 Jon Bailey
If you could name a driver in the micros who is well suited to this then this is your man. Jon will put himself in the action until the car will take no more. Is relishing the opportunity to represent his promotion and is more than capable of causing a major problem for the visitors.

248 Jamie Blything
Is doubling up in the Mondeos as well and he will be performing to his best on Saturday. Qualified for the British Championship this year and considering this is his maiden season in national bangers, it shows he is highly talented and could shine at a meeting like this.

256 Mark Ginders
Has been doing the small stuff this year and has certainly been enjoying himself. Seems to be creating quite the team in the smaller stuff, and those boys really need to deliver today to help the reds come out on top.

265 Matt Titlow
Quality young driver who has been performing well in the little cars this year with some very positive displays. Can't argue with his effort and his confidence and enjoyment of racing at the track seems to be shinning through.

311 Gary Lown
Has come back on the national scene this year on a more permanent basis and has come back to somewhere near his best, looking forward to this and the challenges it presents.

322 Tom Fox
The UK champion will be looking to perform well for his team today. Took the UK in a wreck fest of a race last year here and if it gets to the nitty gritty expect him to keep boxing on.

330 Karl Jones
Usually enjoys racing round, however unless winning, that will be no good today. He no doubt will get stuck in and do his bit.

340 Wes Freestone
A former 1300 saloon national points champion, seems to have cut back on them this year and gone back in to his bangers. a welcome addition to the fray and no doubt will more than play his part for the team.

350 Nathan Tupper
Has been dedicated and lively for the promotion this year and I look forward to seeing how he adapts be put into this situation come Saturday. Would like to think he will rise to the occasion and deliver the goods.

352 Ben Mynott
Had a huge head on with Ben Collins last time out in the 1500's, and he will be looking to get involved in the action once again. Another who will likely be looking to be Corsa C powered and could surprise with a race win for his team.

452 Paul Sweet
Has just returned to racing this year after the first half of it way from the scene. Has had his Corsa C's running beautifully in the last twelve months and he could be one that gets his head down for the home promotion on Saturday.

551 Brett Jackson
Has been racing everywhere this season, never seems to have a weekend off and once again is on it again this weekend with two cars. Very lively and the former UK champion will certainly be up to the challenges of the day. Stopping is the key, and Brett will be looking forward to the challenge.

566 Tony Pallet
Is very quick at all times in anything he races and Saturday will be no different. The 1500cc national champion will be looking to lead the team into battle and do his best to get some points on the board for the boys.

577 Scott Graves
Has burst onto the scene in the last twelve months and has been part of the Boston Warlords micro team that has been created over the last couple of years. Loves a crash and I would be disappointed if he didn't put up a strong showing come Saturday.

633 Leeroy Heywood
Is one of the top names in the smaller cars at Kings Lynn and this meeting is very much up his street. Knows exactly what will be asked of him and he knows that stopping the opposition will be his job on the night.

634 Ben Green
Lively youngster who started his career here in Junior bangers, has progressed nicely in nationals and will be well up to the task.

662 Dalton Smith
Has had some nice machinery this year, but today isn't about that. Has performed well this year in the smaller stuff. He will be looking to help out his team by eliminating the opposition.

691 Brad Bartram
Brad is a talented young driver who is quality in the smaller cars and will no doubt be ready and willing to deliver the goods come Saturday.

721 Dan Clarke
A driver who sadly doesn't race as often as he should, can be quality on his day as proven at our last van banger meeting. Entertaining all the way on that day, expect him to possibly be going for a race win to help his team out.

834 Josh Green
Another young gun who has come through the junior ranks and whom is developing into quite the national banger driver. Has taken home many a bent car and he will know that could more than likely be the case again today.

851 Adam Storr
Hugely talented in the smaller cars and he will be looking to put in a big showing for his team. Very good everywhere he goes and is one to be feared by the opposition.

921 Jack Aldridge
Will definitely be one that the opposition will need to get to early, has really set a president in the small cars this year with some dominant displays at the civil war, Standlake and here earlier in the year. Has the potential to be a real thorn in the visitors side.

Mildenhall Team

3 Leo Bond
Hasn't raced very often at all, but each and every time that he has, he has caught the eye, if able to keep getting the car out on track he could prove to be a real handful for the Trackstar boys.

4 David Scott
Fiesta powered and is a driver who loves his smaller stuff. He will be doing what he can to play his part.

19 Joe Mullarkey
Originally down for the 2 litre team, but transferred over to the micro team to bolster there attack, this could be a wise move and they will no doubt benefit from his experience and know how as a driver.

24 Andy Skeels
Will no doubt be up to this, loves a crash and loves to get stuck in
36 Ricky Lewis
An old school driver who knows how to put the bumper in, will be dragging his car round right till it can't take anymore, expect him to try and grab a win for his team along the way.

37 David Lewis
A great driver too watch, and very much like Ricky an old school driver, commands a lot of respect in this sphere and has a very good racing brain, he will be boxing on to the finish and for me is one of the top threats amongst this team.

43 Luke Maynard
His running mate Mutley Junior is another who is having a solid 2017, and he will be doing what he can to get his team over the line when the flag drops.

46 Kelvin Nicholls
Dan Lathan will be chuffed to bits to have this vastly experienced racer in his team, put on a good display earlier in the year in the micro bangers and if that is a marker to go by, then he will go well tonight.

47 Archie Butts
On a small budget Archie and Jimmy work wonders to do what they do, since finishing in micro bangers he has been more than holding his own at Mildenhall domestic meetings and that will stand him in good stead for tonight.

55 Chris Hornbrook
One of the drivers who was first to confirm his place and is certainly well up for this. Chris will be making his Kings Lynn debut, but don't let that fool you, he is very underrated and talented.

72 Billy Bond
Has built up quite the reputation on the national scene for his racing of old school tin, however he knows how to race and crash, he will be a big part of captain Dan Lathan's plans no doubt.

78 Lee Macey
MadMace is another driver who will be busy tonight in the unlimited bangers too, and expect him to put on a bold show. Loves the track and knows where the bumper is, this makes him a big player for the visitors.

124 Ollie Skeels
Like brother Marcus he certainly hit the ground running in the saloons and they love a battle. Is vastly experienced in F2's and certainly knows how to drive, up for a laugh and a crash, they know what to do.

177 Chris Masters
Enjoys the odd outing in the bangers and will come in to this with the right attitude. Hopefully the action doesn't come to heavy for him.

197 Shaun Chapman
Our fourth member of the Rats is another who has enjoyed some experience here and is looking forward to another run round here.

246 Jimmy Butts
Has been mixing it with the best in the 2 litres this year and looks to have been enjoying himself. Sometimes slips under the radar, but has been heavily involved in the action this season, and I expect him to be well set up for this event.

282 Rhys Waters
The next member of the Rats is a driver who can certainly entertain on his day. Has produced some decent form in the smaller cars over the last couple of years, and if bringing his A game, he could be one too watch.

297 Paul Chapman
our fifth member of the Rats has also been heavily involved here in the past, is another who has been performing at Arena Essex well, and he can be one to keep an eye on here today.

300 Ben Radley
Has been performing well over at Stansted this year and was a driver who confirmed his position very quickly. Enjoying his racing this year and will be looking to stop as many Trackstar drivers as he can along the way.

321 Marcus Skeels
Put on a great showing at a micro meeting here at the start of the year and is certainly known for his all action attitude in the saloons. Expect him to be well involved, and him and his brother could be tough nuts to crack.

321 Kieron Fry
Another driver who has just come of the back of a successful weekend, and he will go into this meeting brimming with confidence, will certainly be doing his bit for the team.

325 Craig Lathan
Craig is certainly a livewire on his day and will definitely be where the action is. His team will be relying on him to do a lot of wrecking and is certainly a driver made for this meeting.

327 Micky Maskell Jnr
Still a young driver, but has done very well over the last couple of years. Has caught the eye this year with some top performances in the unlimited bangers this year, and is battled hardened and ready for this.

375 Alex Hensby
If you haven't seen this lad in action yet then you’re in for a pleasant surprise, he is all out attack and is always where the action is, literally doesn't know when he is beaten and that is exactly the sort of attitude to take into this event.

444 Charlie Jackson
Charlie looks set to be a busy boy Saturday as he not only races in the micros, but the Mondeos too. A lively character who loves a crash. This is definitely his sort of meeting and I expect him to be one of the entertainers of the night.

512 Sean Cooper
Will be looking to put on a good show throughout the night, and is again another driver who loves to get stuck in. He has been looking forward to this meeting for a while, so expect a good showing.

545 Karl Hough
Huffy has been racing for many years now and is well committed to this meeting, one of the most hard working drivers in the pits, and expect tonight to be no different.

585 Kevin Giles
Big Ears is another driver who is looking forward to the challenge and is experienced enough to be able to handle himself in this sphere. Knows what to expect, but equally knows exactly what to do to get the team to victory.

622 Stuart Davis
A let addition to the team, but is well up for this and will no doubt be putting on a good display, featured heavily at the bears bash last weekend and if performing to a similar level, he will be a constant threat.

661 Aarron Harris
First member of the Dessert Rats team and he has been one who is really looking forward to this. Has put on some strong showings in his couple of visits here, and he is well up for this.

664 Dom Joey
Another member of the Rats team, he is happy to take the punishment when it is dished out, and could be an unsung hero for his team today.

685 Daniel Wilkinson
Great to have Daniel with us and he is a driver who knows what it is like to take home a wrecked car. Will be doing a lot of work in the pits to do his bit for the team, and no doubt will be a constant threat to the Trackstar team all night.

743 Kavan Barton
Is another local lad who thrives when it comes to the big occasion, he will be looking to produce the goods for his team.

785 Dom Ambrose
Had a great British championship last week at Mildenhall and laid down a marker to show everyone what he can do. Took the DD win and that just shows his ability to be able to perform on the big stage.


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