Spedeworth in Scotland - Added 20/9/2010

Spedeworth are pleased to announce that they will be moving into Scotland in association with Lochgelly, like the old days.

There are a lot of meetings to be held between all the parties involved before we can announce all the details.

We are going to be working very closely with Cowdenbeath, this is now the end of the war between Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly.

Lochgelly will be being run to ORCi standards.

The Lochgelly 1300 Stock Cars will be coming to the World final at Wimbledon on Sun 10 October

Superstox will be racing at Lochgelly so we are not in competition with Cowdenbeath with their F2s

The NHRPA will be running World series qualification rounds at both Lochgelly & Cowdenbeath.

More updates to follow.....


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