The Superstox formula is Spedeworth's oldest. In fact it was this formula that Spedeworth was founded upon over 40 years ago. Like the organisation itself the cars have come a long way, although the very essence of the class remains.

The Superstox car is a very fast, 2 litre Ford, purpose-built, single seater with full contact allowed, just to keep things interesting and to prevent any dawdling! Like most of the other oval track formulae, the fastest cars on the grid start at the back, so those bumpers are rarely out of action.

Whilst contact is allowed, the formula is not banger racing of any sort so a high degree of dexterity is required by the driver intent on winning, without a big accident occurring, which occurs occasionally, of course!

The first World Championship was held at Ipswich (Foxhall Heath Stadium) in 1961, although the formula in those days was known as F2. That race was won by Jan Scott with the 50th Anniversary race won by Nick Smith in 2011.

This is always a formula worth watching!

The Superstox race at all Spedeworth raceways across the UK and Incarace's Pr1mo International Raceway, Northampton.

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Where and when you can see this class in action at Spedeworth Tracks

Date Start Time Venue Formula
6/9/2014 4.30pm Aghadowey National Hot Rods
British Championship

Stock Rods
European Championship

National Championship
7/9/2014 1.00pm Tullyroan National Hot Rods
British Championship

Stock Rods
European Championship

National Championship
14/9/2014 5.30pm Yarmouth Bangers
u1600cc Peter Brown Track Championship Round 13

Ladies Bangers
Gold Roof Qualifier

Lightning Rods
Polleysport / Yokohama Tyres Series Round 14

Safari Land Rover Engineering Series Round 12 & Great Yarmouth Stadium Super Series Round 4
21/9/2014 1.00pm Aldershot National Bangers Big Vans
(no V6, no V8 manual)

Safari Land Rover Engineering Series Round 13

Junior Bangers

Bone Builders Ninja Karts
5/10/2014 5.30pm Wimbledon Superstox World Championship, Bangers Track Championship Round 1, V8 Stock Cars
18/10/2014 6.45pm Ipswich National Hot Rods 2015 World Qualifying Round 6, Superstox Safari Land Rover Engineering Series Round 14, Bangers Peter Brown Track Championship Grand Final
2/11/2014 5.00pm Yarmouth Caravan Destruction Derby

Peter Brown Developments Track Championship Grand Final

2.0 Hot Rods
Hoosier Tires Series Round 16

Great Yarmouth Stadium Super Sries Grand Final

Firework Display
16/11/2014 5.30pm Wimbledon Best In Britain 2014
2.0 Hot Rods, Superstox, 1300cc Stock Cars, Lightning Rods
30/11/2014 5.30pm Wimbledon Rookie Rods Supreme Championship, 2.0 Hot Rods Hoosier Racing Tire Series Grand Final, Superstox, Ministox
14/12/2014 5.30pm Wimbledon Stock Rods Best In Britain 2014, Superstox Safari Land Rover Engineering Series Grand Final, Lightning Rods, Bangers Track Championship Round 8
1/1/2015 2.00pm Wimbledon 2015 Winterationals
Superstox, 2.0 Hot Rods, Lightning Rods, Bangers Track Championship Round 10

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