December Meetings Fixture Update - Added 27/11/2018

December is right around the corner and through the month Spedeworth / Incarace / Mildenhall tracks have several events lined up to keep everyone entertained upto the New Year.

There are five meetings in total including the New Years Day event at Birmingham Wheels Raceway and we would like to make everyone aware of various updates to these fixtures compared with the originally announced events.

On Saturday 8th December the National Banger Micro Madness meeting which used to be one of the highlights of the Wimbledon Stadium calendar has found a new home at Arlington Stadium, Eastbourne with the first race scheduled for 5pm. This event will now also host the Stock Rods in support. The event will be non-point scoring for the Stock Rods but there will be prizes up for grabs including new tyres etc.

Sunday 16th December brings the Mildenhall Stadium season to a close and features the u2000cc National Bangers, Bone Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars and round 18 of the Superstox Hoosier Racing Tire Series. On track action starts at 1pm.

Christmas day comes and goes, and we move onto Saturday 29th December where we head to Arlington Stadium, Eastbourne for the last event at the stadium of the season. The 1300cc Stock Cars will be out in force to contest their Best In Britain title. ‘Back To Basic’ Bangers are back and will be racing vans instead of cars & as a special treat for the first time in many years the National Saloon Stock Cars return to the paperclip oval! First race starts at 5pm.

Fancy making it a double header weekend? On Sunday 30th December we head off to the seaside where Great Yarmouth Stadium will be hosting their annual Christmas event. This fixture does see a change to the original programme. The National Bangers Micro Madness 4-a-side Teams will no longer take place at this event. Instead we will see the ‘Back To Basic’ Bangers back out in force following a record breaking season at the venue with car numbers on the rise and the action on track superb to watch. At time of writing there are already over 70 drivers booked-in for the event!! Alongside the ‘Back To Basic’ Bangers the Lighting Rods and Superstox will be in attendance competing for their respective Best In Britain titles plus for the Superstox the 19th round of the Hoosier Racing Tire Series completes the line-up.

Two sleeps later and it’s Happy New Year!

Tuesday 1st January brings with it a new year and as is now tradition the season opener at Birmingham Wheels Raceway. The ‘Back To Basic’ Bangers will be in attendance with drivers blowing away the cobwebs from the December break within the midlands at Incarace. More Best In Britain titles are up for grabs for the 2.0 Hot Rods and the Stock Rods whilst the Junior Bangers are back at the second city venue where they featured at the Champion Of Champions event on the 24th November where we saw almost 50 cars take to the track and entertain the crowd. Could they steal the show on New Years Day??

So, there you have it. Five meetings all with plenty of highlights to keep everyone entertained over the first half of the Winter.

Plus, don’t forget….

A new year also brings Civil War to the ¼ mile banked oval in the midlands! On Sunday 13th January 2019 at Hednesford Hills Raceway the annual Civil War event takes place featuring three categories of National Bangers better known at this event as the Light Brigade, Infantry and Tanks. 2019 brings an added special ‘want to win’ for both armies as the winning team will stake claim to the 20th Anniversary title! The armies take to the track as always at 1pm! More details about the Civil War will be announced in due course.

Something for every race fan to come around our raceways soon and we look forward to seeing everyone throughout the start of the Winter months.


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Coming Events
- 23/ 2 - 6pm
Open Practice Night

£35 per driver, fully marshalled,
open to all formulas (with suitable silencers),
ORCi licenced or day licences.
Bar & catering facilities will be provided,
and spectator admission is free.

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- 24/ 2 - 12noon
1300cc Stock Cars
English Championship

'Back To Basics' - Frost Bite Challenge

Bone Builders Ninja Karts
First Ninja Kart race at 11.45am!

***E-Tickets Closed!***
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- 2/ 3 - 6pm
National Bangers
Micro Madness
World Qualifier

2.0 Hot Rods
Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 1
Incarace points scoring meeting

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Hot Rods
2018/19 World Qualifying Round 8

***E-Tickets Now Available!***
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- 9/ 3 - 6.30pm
2019 Season Opener!!

National Bangers
National Banger World Series
Round 2

2.0 Hot Rods
Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 2
Spedeworth points scoring meeting

Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 2

***E-Tickets Now Available!***
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- 10/ 3 - 12noon
Gold Rush Event 1

National Saloon Stock Cars

Rookie Rods

Stock Rods
Polleysport / Yokohama Tyres Series Round 3a
Spedeworth points scoring meeting

***E-Tickets Now Available!***
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