Banger EA C/ship - How It All Works - Added 09/08/2017

Spedeworth/Incarace would like to make all Banger drivers aware of how the East Anglian Championship Qualifying works, please find below all the information you should need to help you.

The event will once again be held over 2 days, with qualifying heats at Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich on Saturday 12th August at 6.45pm and the Championship race on Sunday 13th August at Great Yarmouth Stadium which has a 5.30pm start time.

At Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich there will be 3 races for the Bangers with an INCARACE Draw taking place to determine pole for each race. Each of these 3 races will be a qualifying heat and will carry the same amount of points. Points are scored as follows:-

Race Points:- 106-92-79-67-56-46-37-29-22-16-11-7-4-2-1

At Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich every driver who takes the green flag will receive 110 attendance points automatically. This means that any driver who attends Foxhall Heat Stadium will make the front section of the grid for the East Anglian Championship race at Great Yarmouth Stadium.

We then move on to the following day at Great Yarmouth Stadium. The meeting will start with Heat 4 as the continuation from the previous night. Drivers who cannot make Foxhall Heath Stadium the night before are eligible to race in heat four. Points will be scored the same as the Foxhall Heath Stadium qualifying heats which allows you to get further up the grid than other Great Yarmouth Stadium only drivers and closer to the Foxhall Heath Stadium qualifying drivers. All drivers are eligible for this race so if you raced at Foxhall Heath Stadium there’s one more chance for you to add points to your total before the championship race.

The 2nd race of the day will be the 2017 East Anglian Championship.

All drivers are eligible however; the priority on the grid now goes to the points scorers. The more points that have been scored accumulatively over the 4 races (4 heats) the higher up the grid you go with the top point’s scorer being on pole. Non-points scorers start at the rear of the field in random order decided by the Clerk Of The Course.

The 3rd race of the meeting will be the Grand National Race where the 2017 East Anglian Champion starts with the challenge of making it back to victory lane from a 1-lap handicap starting at the front of the field.

Drivers are permitted to use two cars if required over the weekend but are only allowed one car per track. For example, if you race at Foxhall Heath Stadium and your car is damaged beyond repair after heat 1 you are not permitted to use a second car at the meeting. You can use your second car at Great Yarmouth Stadium the following day.

Bookings are being taken now and can be made by calling 01252 322920, on the text service 07949 138108, by email or complete the drivers booking-in form via the link below. Please specify which event(s) you are booking in for.

May the best driver win!

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