The Carry On Tour! - Added 17/07/2017

It only seems like yesterday that the 2017 UK vs SA Tour was in action back in January and the memories are still been spoken about in high spirits today!

Before we know it the 2018 tour will be here and thanks to the huge success of this years tour the high demand for spaces if causing Deane a headache (must be why he’s going grey) with the old guard and now the youngsters wanting to fly south away from their mothers apron strings and experience the SA Tour which is guaranteed not to be forgotten. Have heard of the saying ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’? Then welcome to the SA Tour and you will have a saying all of your own by the time you come home.

In 2018 there will be a tour in Pretoria and in Cape Town.

The Pretoria Tour flies out of the UK on the 24th January and leaves SA on the 12th February landing back in the UK on the 13th February.

Drivers who have already booked their seats for the Pretoria tour are:-
Joey Palmer
Ian Beaumont
Jason Jackson
Jack Brandon
Ben Grant
Eric Walker
Derek Martin
Keith Martin
Bobby Johnson
Jock Campbell

Have we missed anyone? Deane’s memory is getting abit fuzzy with age!

In 2018 can everyone keep their cars the right way up on the way to the Bundu Inn???

Tour number 2 takes place down in Cape Town flying from the UK on the 12th February and lwaving SA on the 26th February and landing back in the UK on the 27th February.

Round 1 takes place at Bloemfontein Raceway and round 2 at Tiger Berth Raceway which is a massive shale track!

Good ‘old’ Martin Heath and Kym Weaver have already added their names to Deane’s list but are there any youngsters who would like to join the tour to blow the old guards cobwebs away?

Confirmed Cape Town Drivers:-

Martin Heath
Kym Weaver
Paul Frost
Ben White

If anyone would like more information about either tour please contact Deane Wood on 01252 322920.


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