Unlimited Bangers Team Preview - Added 13/07/2017

Matt Black takes a look at what we have in store in the Unlimited Bangers!

I see this going the way of the home side, now some of you may think I'm crazy however I feel the home sides team work could just shine through. I feel perhaps that the opening couple of races possibly could go to the visitors with the likes of 617 Jack Overy, 67 Rickie Beasley and 33 Gary Madgwick amongst there big players.
328 Dan Lathan and 898 Andy Battle are two of the strongest all rounders they have and will be looking to do the best thing to get there side over the line. However I feel as the meeting goes on our sides team work in the final and DD could just shine through.

For me 85 James Ellis will be a real tough nut to crack, but with the likes of 100 Cock, 43 Bish, 149 Bailey, 579 Beecham, 899 Westlake, 388 Sowter and 791 Spud in the side they could just clear the way for 266 Oddjobb to take a last gasp DD victory. Either way will be a great watch.

Black’s Prediction from the Unlimited Bangers
Trackstar: 400 Points (Final & DD win)
Mildenhall: 200 Points (2 Heats wins)

Trackstar Team

43 Nicky Bishop
Loves a crash and has a brilliant personality that allows him to take home a wrecked car with a smile on his face. Has had some huge crashes here, including the one with 312 Turbo Tom and 79 Ricky Twell at an icebreaker here a few years back. This Wild Boyz pilot will love the battle and the visitors will know that they have their work cut out if they want to avoid this lively entertainer.

79 Ricky Twell
He loves a good tear up and has again been a driver over the years who has had wars with the best of them. He seems to be enjoying his racing again this season and is at the top of his game in the rear wheel drive cars at the moment. Another top talent in this top heavy entertaining team.

88 Lyndon Stark
World of Shale Champion and National Points Champion, not a lot that this lad hasn't achieved recently and is on a real upward curve. Is finally getting the recognition that his performances deserve and he will be working hard to grab some points for his team. His unlimited form is rock solid and will be a constant threat to the visitors.

100 Callum White
There isn't many drivers who fit this style of meeting more than Callum, he absolutely loves a good wreck up, and the heavier the better. I can't imagine too many in the visitors side who were over the moon to see his name on the list, so that in itself is a massive bonus to us.

103 Jack Deacon
Great driver and was part of the successful Team Black team at the War of the Worlds meeting. A top driver who is loving life since licencing with us at the beginning of the year. Great to have him in the team and I'd like to think Jack has a massive chance of taking a chequered flag throughout the night come Saturday.

116 Nat Cohn
The outspoken Nat has been a successful part of the Dover Boys team in recent times and whilst he doesn't feel capable at times I know what he can do and if at the top of his game he will be a massive threat today. One of a few drivers who gets an omega around here very nicely and I expect a bold showing from No Luck Nat.

121 Aaron Colbert
His first unlimited meeting, but he has been putting it about well in the smaller stuff over the last couple of years. Enjoys a crash along with running mate Brett Jackson, so he will know what is expected of him and seems to not have much fear, which is a great asset in this sort of battle.

149 Wayne Bailey
Wayne will be taxi powered on Saturday and if we look back at some of his performances racing for the Wild Boyz then you will realise that on his day he is the real deal. Definitely out to stop the Mildenhall team and for that reason alone has strong credentials to have a great day and be a hero for the team.

257 Timmy Aldridge
Has turned heads with his rapid displays over the last couple of years and has already won a place in the unlimited world final later in the year. Loves to be fast and certainly will be looking to hit the front as quickly as possible on Saturday. A great asset to the team and will surely trouble the lap scorers.

266 Callum Hall
Often the sole Bear with us and has been a regular on the rear wheel drive scene here for the best part of the last decade. Loves a DD and is often seen destroying cars as the night goes on. Will be up to the challenge that this presents and will enjoy wiping a couple of the visitors out along the way.

321 Andy Newton
Andy has recently turned to the Lexus LS400's in this campaign and the results have proved very fruitful for him indeed, has had them flying round here and has performed well at other tracks in them too. Put his Lexus to good use at the war of the worlds meeting, so will be getting stuck in if needs be.

388 Taylor Sowter
Taylor has been amazing here over the last couple of seasons, taking home wrecked Volvo's on a constant basis. Works extremely hard in the pits and no doubt be looking to lead from the front and get them before they get him. Is a massive part of the unlimited team and will be going all out to secure success.

513 Sean Harvey
Due to Weddings and holidays Sean is the only member of the shunters in the unlimited team, but he will be well up to the challenge and is riding high in the Entertainer’s League in this current campaign. Enjoys a wrecked car and will be all over the visitors like a rash. A top entertainer.

548 Alex Utting
To me one of the most underrated drivers on the banger scene at the moment. I was chuffed to bits when he said he was up for this as he could fly under the radar and really challenge the lap scorers today. However he knows how to crash to as proven by his performance at Pete Winters farewell meeting back at the beginning of June.

551 Brett Jackson
A complete livewire who absolutely loves a good wreck up. Is relishing the opportunity to take on some of the finest unlimited drivers that the country has to offer, a real asset to the unlimited and micros and he will be making sure that both cars will be turned round as often as possible, works extremely hard on and off the track and is well up to the challenge that is presented in front of him.

579 Gary Beecham
I was delighted when Gary agreed to do this meeting and his enthusiasm towards it has been brilliant and great to see. It's been a while since we have seen him in an unlimited but I'm sure most of you can remember how entertaining he can be in them. I for one am looking forward to the display he produces Saturday.

601 Chris Medler
Bling is currently embroiled in one of the best on track wars that we have ever seen at King's Lynn between the Mad Hatters and the Jackpot boys so he certainly knows what it's like to put himself well in with the action. His unlimited form has come on strong in the last couple of years and this former 1500cc National Champion will be going all out to secure success for his side today.

661 Shaun Smith
Enjoyed his outing at one last shot and looks set to feature well here. Will have his work cut out with Dalton in the micros, will be a dark horse to the visitors I'm sure, so has a real chance to shine.

791 Nicky Young
Loves his unlimited, and once his car survived War of the Worlds he was straight on the phone asking to do this. Will be doing everything possible to secure success for the home side and will throw everything in to it. Loves a war and this could potentially be right up his street.

899 Jordan Westlake
Has the right tool for the job in a Previa, knows what his job will be. Doesn't race as often as I would like him too. anybody who has seen him race knows that he gets stuck in from the start and will have the pit crew to get the Previa turned back around. Great addition to the fray.

Mildenhall Team

14 Joe Persico
Young gun with plenty of talent, will be Volvo powered for this event and will I'm sure be more than willing to get stuck in. Great to keep getting the youngsters into the game and he will be looking to put on a bold showing here.

17 Kyle Overy
Always keen and is another who is a big part of the Spedeworth scene. Hard working and knows how to handle a car, he can prove a real handful on his day, let's hope his day isn't Saturday.

33 Gary Madgewick
Highly experienced and has ventured onto the shale a few times over the last couple of years, he will be a tough nut to crack for the home team, always performs well and has very strong credentials and all roads point to a good day for Gary.

67 Rickie Beasley
Highly talented and he knows how to get race wins round here. Always a force to be reckoned with no matter whatever class of banger his is in, and I expect him to be one of the visitors star players come Saturday.

78 Lee Macey
As stated in the micro team earlier he has begun a love affair with the Adrian Flux Arena this year and it is always great to see it when drivers come and visit us and enjoy it. Has played his part in team events for the Wild Boyz here this year and he is another team player who loves to get stuck in. He will be doing everything possible to ensure success tonight.

85 James Ellis
Crowned World Champion in the three wheelers last week which I know was a massive weight lifted from his shoulders, this could make James very dangerous indeed as now he can race with a clear head. Those of you who know your racing will know that over the years James has been very impressive in the rear wheel drive cars and is a driver who will be working equally as hard in the pits to keep getting the car back out on the track.

93 Lewis Godfrey
Loves to take home a wrecked car and was part of the brilliant wrecking train here at one last shot earlier in the year. Will definitely come into this with the right attitude and will be doing everything he can to keep fighting for his team.

171 Tommy West
Great to see the Blooz Boyz back together and Tommy is now very much a part of that team. Was fantastic to see them here at the War Of The Worlds meeting, where even with three drivers they put on a great show. He will certainly be doing his bit on Saturday, has taken part in some big hits this year, his all Granada performance at Ringwood last year was very good indeed.

197 Joe Bowers
We haven't seen Stanley in a while, but he has just started a young family, a level headed driver who has stamped his authority on the Spedeworth scene in recent years. However don't be fooled, he knows his way around here like the back of his hand, and can feature well for his team. Put on a very impressive wrecking display at Peewee's farewell meeting here a couple of years back in a jag, right him off at your peril.

200 Steve 'Noon' Farrell
Amazing to see Noon here for a second time this season, this meeting is right up his street and I nearly fell off my chair when he said he would do it. When I gathered myself together I realised what sort of driver we would be up against. Has been involved in some amazing feuds over the years and if we see the best of him tonight it could be Nooooooon points for the home side.

282 Ant Riley
Has put the F2 on hold for a night and has donned his banger overalls for the night. The northern based driver works hard on his cars and can be as entertaining as anybody else. A livewire when needed to be and a real threat to the mighty reds.

328 Dan Lathan
A former supreme champion, former British champion, former 1500cc national champion and a former 2 litre world champion to go along with the numerous track championship wins at Mildenhall, Dan is a driver who knows how to win big races. However don't be fooled as he loves a crash and is often seen hammering it out in the final few of any DDs. His will to win is there for all to see and has had major success with Norfolk n Good, VS Massive and his own Motorbitz group at team events and he will know exactly what is required to get his troupes over the line.

348 Sonny Sherwood
Veteran in the game now and has had his battles with the Gladiators over the years, would definitely not surprise me to see him claim a victory for his side. Will be frogeye powered so will be quick, but will he still get down with the nitty gritty if the going gets tough during the night.

508 Danny Mitchell
Very much an unknown quantity in this sphere, however will be Merc powered on Saturday and seems to understand what is required from him. Has done a lot of his racing down at Arena Essex, so expect him to be battle hardened.

617 Jack Overy
Doesn't need much introduction, a former world champion and is touted as one of the best there has ever been in rear wheel drive banger racing. You'd be hard pressed to disagree and his performance here at One Last Shot was nothing short of sensational. His battles over the years with the pinks of the Condoms had the crowds pouring through the gates back in the day and the Trackstar boys know that stopping Jack could prove key if they want to win this battle.

625 Josh Gooch
Has impressed in his two visits here this year, he has a good teacher though and it is unsurprising to see him take to the shale so easily. Has made it look simple so far and has got round in some style. Is another strong hand in a highly experienced and high quality team, and we wish him all the best on Saturday.

664 Ryan Sutcliffe
Often seen in the Reliant Robins, however has put in some decent displays in the bangers over recent years and performed well in a Lexus here at our icebreaker event to kick start his campaign. Certainly an interesting addition to the side.

760 Joey Reynolds
We saw him here at the War Of The Worlds meeting and he is coming back for a second bite at the cherry. Performed well that night and is a born entertainer in a long line of Reynolds racers who never fail to impress when you see them. Joey will be well at home in this style of meeting and he will be one of those in the pits pulling all day.

848 Shaun Lown
Not to much knowledge on Shaun I have to confess, but he was more than willing to step up and take his place in this event and enthusiasm is exactly what is needed for this event. Has a strong and experienced team around him which I'm sure will be more than willing to give him the advice needed to do well in this.

898 Andy Battle
A driver who again has had a lot of success in the bigger cars and in team events too. The Dover Boys are always ones too watch at any team event and I expect Andy to put in a bold showing for his side. Can either wreck or race and he is a huge player for the Mildenhall side.


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