Coventry Mini Stox - Added 08/06/2011

A message if thanks from Michael Coventry to our Mini Stox drivers who attended the Coventry on Saturday 4th June.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate each of the Ministox drivers who raced at Coventry Stadium last weekend for putting on a tremendous performance in front of a massive audience of race fans.
As I was asked by the promotion to cover their ‘presenter’ duties I wasn’t able to be work as closely with the formula as I had done at the April meeting and the drivers and their teams were very much left to their own devices during the night.
Despite this I would like to thank everyone for their excellent co-operation and hard work throughout the night. This started with everyone’s co-operation and understanding in a very tight pit area and continued with drivers following instructions on when to line up for their races and with this being followed as asked it greatly assisted the promotion in getting through their massive 15 race schedule in four and a half hours.
Furthermore, for the second meeting in a row, the standard of racing was second to none for junior stockcar racing and has been met with much positive response from the promotion at Coventry Stadium. Once again they were especially impressed at the toughness of the young racers as for the second meeting in a row (and hopefully this will not jinx it), every race went flag to flag without any stoppages or caution periods despite some great full contact stockcar racing.
What is also pleasing to note is how competitive the racing has been. Despite the fact that all seven races held at the track have so far been won by lower graded drivers the track championship standings prove just how close the racing truly is.
Just 14 points separates the current top 10 and to make matters more interesting these 10 are made up of three white grade drivers (one of which would have been red had they raced last weekend), two yellow grade drivers, two blue tops, a red top and two silver grade drivers.
However due to my added role at the weekend as ‘presenter’, not only was I not able to thank each driver personally at the end of the meeting but I wasn’t able to confirm early bookings for the next Coventry meeting on August 6.
Once again the drivers from the last meeting have first refusal of a place at the next one but as ORCi Ministox will only share the bill with BriSCA F1 Stockcars in August (much like the April date) we will go back to a 36 car limit. Drivers from the June 4 meeting have until July 2 to confirm their place while in the meantime there are currently nine places available for drivers who did not race on June 4. If we receive additional demand from new drivers I’ll wait until after July 2 to confirm if a place is available or not, after the drivers from last weekend have had amble time to confirm if they wish to race at the August meeting.
As always drivers should book in via their own promotion.
Once again can I thank all the drivers and their teams for their efforts last weekend, once again you were a credit to yourselves and the entire formula.


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