We are extremely disappointed to announce the cancellation of the 2011 Banger Team events with Startrax.

Despite sterling efforts all around, there has been a massive misunderstanding over construction rules, and the differences are just too many to even contemplate discussions on any kind of compromise at this late stage. The rules had been agreed from the outset as being Incarace Banger rules, but for whatever reasons, this is not possible any more.

Startrax Promoter, Steve Rees has prepared a statement to be published on their website, which is reproduced below and as you can read, Steve is accepting where things have gone wrong.

We would sincerely like to thank all of the drivers that had committed to this event and also to the reserves that had pledged their support.

Deane Wood is very unhappy that the event has been cancelled and on the basis of all of the effort and support from the team drivers involved we have now added Bangers to the Birmingham Wheels event of Saturday 18th June, which will be specifically for the team drivers. Deane has also pledged a massive £500 on the meeting as a gesture of thanks for the support given. I trust that all team drivers will indeed support Deane by bringing their cars along on that night.

Paul Gerrard
Race Director

Here is the statement from Startrax

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the enthusiasm and interest this event has generated amongst drivers and the many, many phone calls and work behind the scenes done by various people to make this a success.

Initially late last year when we proposed this event with Incarace I agreed we would run to Incarace rules given at the time they offered a better spread of cars. However, once announced the event created more questions than answers! The way our 1600cc class has rapidly evolved over the last 12 months - and through the first quarter of 2011 since rule tweaks has effectively produced a formula that works for `us’ as a promotion and our customers and judging by car turnouts, drivers.

The negative of this is the now vastly different cultures and rules between Incarace and Startrax versions which in a nutshell is 1600cc Rookie Bangers and our own evolution 1600cc `non’ national - national Bangers with radiators instead of steam tanks. Consequently, our rules have evolved in construction terms in where possible without being over the top steering the rules to provide durability given the heavier contact than traditional rookies. Equally this spec works similarly successfully for Incarace.

In recent weeks both promotions have tried and spent a lot of time to square the circle in attempting to fashion some compromises in rules for the 2 legs but given the vastly different styles of racing ,unfortunately for 2011, that has not been possible as quite rightly both promotions independently wish to preserve the integrity of their racing classes to suit their local drivers.

Startrax and Incarace / Spedeworth enjoy a good and co-operative working relationship which we intend to continue to build upon, this was one such initiative which makes it even more disappointing that we cannot achieve it for 2011 but will revisit for 2012.

There are no politics, fall outs or tantrums and tiaras - just a big culture difference in the way each promotion operates 1600cc Bangers that is probably too early to bridge for 2011. Move on.


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