Having spent a considerable amount of time obtaining all of the necessary information and various conversations with drivers, I am now in a position to declare the 2018 Classic Hot Rods points and gradings up to date for England and Scotland. I am still currently gathering information to complete the Irish section.

There was some confusion as to what points count for what as the rules are not totally conclusive in the way they are written, so., some decisions, again with consultation have been taken as to how it will all work for the remainder of 2018 and they are as follows :

Grading and Averages
All meetings that you are eligible to score points at will be included in this calculation of a drivers average. The actual grades will be based on averages such that like averages have the same grade. This may at times give more say Blues than Reds, but it will be a fairer way to administer the grading.
The grader will always be the final decision maker

International Points
Points scored at the six Major Championships will count to this chart. This is not the same as 2017, because last year ALL points for ALL meetings counted.

National Points
Each driver will be part of one National Points chart and this will be determined as where he or she is registered. There will be three National Points Charts – England, Scotland and an Irish one which will cover races in both the North and the South.

All meetings in your area, irrespective of whether they are Major Championships or not will count for your National Points, mainly because it is an event in your area. Any points scored at a Major Championship that is NOT in your area will NOT count to your chart. I don’t personally agree with this as I believe that a driver should be rewarded for representation at a Championship irrespective of location, but this question was specifically asked about an English driver attending the Scottish Open and at the time, Rob Hughes confirmed that points would NOT count. I will propose that we amend this for 2019 where the major Championship meetings do count irrespective of area as this is the same with lots of other formulas.

Many thanks for the comments from drivers along the way and many thanks to Jason Larner, Kirsty McFarlane and Andy Hankin for their assistance.

Apologies for the time it has taken to sort it all out, but now that we are up to date, the charts will be updated after each meeting.

Paul Gerrard

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