Pre-87 Crash Cavalcade : Hednesford Hills Raceway

Sunday 24th September 2017

The Annual Crash Cavalcade takes place at Hednesford Hills Raceway on Sunday 24th September 2017 with this year being for Pre-87 cars. The meeting will also include Classic Hot Rods, Ministox and the annual Classic Road car display.

There has been lots of interest in this meeting for the Pre-87 cars, but to date there are very few confirmed bookings despite drivers planning on taking part.

As previously announced there will be two classes this year – Unders and Overs with the split at 2000cc, but with a bit of common sense prevailing from the committee which will allow for example a Triumph 2500cc to run in the ‘unders’ class and similarly an Austin 2200cc. If you do have a car that you are not sure exactly where it fits class-wise, then please contact us on 0121 357 7328 for further advice.

Drivers should be made aware that with this years advancement to Pre-87, this now makes a few extra cars available for this meeting including the iconic Nissan Bluebird in the Unders and in the Overs class, Jaguar XJ40’s are now eligible.

£50 Start money is available to the first 60 cars booked.

One again the emphasis will be on ‘Old Skool’ type of nudge and spin racing in the heats to ensure as many drivers make it through to their final with £100 on each final to the winner and £100 to the winner of the DD in each class.

We would request that drivers book in as soon as possible via our website or by ringing direct on 01252 322920 or 0121 357 7328. Out of interest with these older cars we would also like to know when you book in what car you are planning to race.

Man of the Midlands : Hednesford Hills Raceway

Sunday 5th November 2017

The Annual Man of the Midlands Championship takes place at Hednesford Hills Raceway on Sunday 5th November 2017 as part of our Firework Spectacular. Supported by the incredibly fast National Hot Rods in World Qualifying action and the nostalgic Classic Hot Rods who will be racing for their Beat in Britain Championship.

Despite pressure from various quarters, we can confirm that the Man of the Midlands will be run for Bangers and not for Back to Basics. Whilst Back to Basics have been successful recently, the Man of the Midlands has always been for Bangers in their ‘Rookie’ form and it would be wrong at this stage of the season to consider changing the format away from Bangers. Whilst the Bangers themselves haven’t been that strong this year, we would like to reward those drivers that have stood by us in 2017 with their local end of season Championship’ which usually attracts many other drivers from around the country to make it a well attended meeting.

Once again we are delighted to announce to main sponsor of the Man of the Midlands as Wulfsport and we thank Dave Gamble and his team for their support.

Whilst the meeting itself is a few weeks away yet, we would welcome early bookings for this event so that we can use them in our Promotion of this meeting. You can book in via the Incarace website or by ringing direct on 01252 322 920 or 0121 357 7328

Civil War 19 : Hednesford Hills Raceway

Sunday 14th January 2018

The nineteenth running of the Annual North versus South National Banger Civil War event takes place on Sunday 14th January 2018 at Hednesford Hills Raceway start time 1pm.

It is this time of the year when plans start to be made for this meeting with the Army Generals getting prepared to sort out their army of drivers.

We would like some thoughts from drivers as we are considering changing formulas with a number of ideas being floated about.

Firstly, without doubt we will be keeping Micro Bangers as the smaller Light Brigade class – we will again be looking for 30 cars per army.

In terms of the Infantry Class, which currently runs as 2 Litre National Bangers, there are thoughts to change this to 1600 National Bangers (No Hondas). We would like feedback from drivers on this please. Is this a good idea or do you think it is better leaving it at 2 Litre? Paul Adams for example is for the change as he struggles to get his 2 litre Army together – this may also allow new blood into the Civil War event.

We don’t really want to change the Unlimited class, but as we have experienced problems with car numbers certainly at last year’s event, we may have to look at this too. Now last year was affected by the fact that we had two major Unlimited meetings at Wimbledon coming up which meant some drivers were not able to commit to Civil War, but that won’t be the case this year. So, what do you think?

There has also been a suggestion that perhaps the Unlimited Class could be a one make car event – eg Volvo 940 etc.

In terms of the organisation of the armies, Paul Adams will be masterminding the Southern Army but sadly, Stu Kearsley is a little too busy to devote the time that this fantastic event deserves. Stu is still happy to manage from the background as such but requires the assistance of three ‘Colonels’ who can individually look after an army, i.e. one for the Light Brigade, one for the Infantry and one for the Tanks/Unlimited Class. It really is a big job for one person to cope with, so we feel that planning it this way using three people will provide an easier solution.

We would welcome your feedback on all of the above and we will be very happy to discuss your thoughts too. You can either ring Gavin on 01252 322 920 or Paul on 0121 357 7328


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