Northampton - 8/8/2020 @ 5pm

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Admission Prices are as follows :

General Admission£16.00
Concession : (65 years & Over) £13.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) £6.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children£40.00


BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

National Saloon Stock Cars


Ticket Information

Northampton Shaleway – Saturday 8th August 2020
Heavy Metal in Town!
Meeting Preview

Everyone’s been waiting for it - and the world has certainly been through some difficult times since our last Public Race Meeting – but at last the season of Incarace Oval Motorsport at Northampton Shaleway, can resume this coming Saturday night, 8th August when Incarace Motorsports proudly presents (with strict COVID – 19 measures in place) a superb ‘season re – opener’ with a three course menu of top class Oval action with a ‘good old Stock Car Night’ featuring the National Saloon Stock Cars, Brisca F2 Stock Cars and Back to Basics Bangers as they head into town to compete and have a dust – up on the Midland shale.

National Saloon Stock Car Fans are spoilt for choice in this quality line - up that includes current World Champion Diggy Smith, Son Billy Smith, Tommy Barnes, Adam O’Dell, Michael Allard, Charlie Santry, Cole Atkins Deane Mayes plus a host of other stars ready to battle. Charlie Santry is the current in - form Man having taken last weeks Grand Final at Skegness.

However even with National Points up for grabs do not expect it to be all about racing as the Formula produces some great crashing action wherever it appears, it certainly has historically and this meeting is set to once again be a night not to be missed, as a packed track of Saloon Stock Cars under the floodlights battle each other on the shale and glancing off the infamous solid steel Safety Fence which has claimed many a victim over the stadiums illustrious history!

Joining the National Saloons we have the ultra – competitive Brisca F2 Stock Cars. There’s a superb 50 of the best Drivers around booked to appear at time of press, with no doubt more to add, - including current World Champion, Scotland’s Gordon Moodie, Andy Ford, Courtney Finnikin, Jack Issit, Oli Skeels, Emma Ford, Charlie Guinchard, Hollands Ricardo Smidt, Daz Shaw, Andrew Palmer, Jack Aldridge and a host of others all hungry for shale racing action!

Our third and final Formula is the Back to Basics Bangers. The Bangers always come to Northampton meaning business and this week they have the opportunity to bring with them some machinery we do not always see in Banger Racing as they compete in a ‘back to basics’ specification. These meetings can often attract some Drivers not often seen racing here as they will sometimes use a ‘car that has been sat in stock’ just awaiting an event like this! Drivers booked so far include Mark Hale, Tracy Scott, Reece Coton, Carl Locker, Matt Ledbury, Ashley Neal and several more totalling 32 at time of press, with no doubt more to book in to what will no doubt become quite a clash!

The event is to be run whilst following the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and spectator attendance will be restricted.

Please note that this event is strictly ADVANCED TICKET BOOKING ONLY! Tickets will not be issued on the day. Failure to produce a valid ticket will cause you to be refused entrance to the stadium. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Tickets are on sale now and can only be booked via our online ticketing system by clicking on the link below.

Please note that we WILL require a valid e-mail address and contact number when ordering your ticket(s) to be able to send your electronic tickets to you.

The spectator area of the stadium will be restricted and access to the pit area will not be permitted.

A maximum of 6 tickets can be purchased per order. (1 family ticket will class as 5 tickets purchased).

When ordering your tickets you will go through the following process:-

• Select the tickets you wish to purchase.
• The delivery method of your tickets will be automatically assigned to our e-ticket system.
• Complete your details as specified within the process.
• Complete your payment details.
• Order will now be complete.

On completion you will receive an email to show what you have ordered. This email is NOT your ticket confirmation.

Once our team have processed your order you will receive an order update which will include your E-Ticket details and what to do next.

You MUST bring this e-ticket with you on your phone for our team to check prior to allowing your admission into the stadium.

Please also be aware that FACE COVERINGS are mandatory at this event and all persons MUST supply your own face covering. Failure to be wearing a face covering will cause your entrance into the stadium to be refused and no refund will be issued.

All spectators once checked and admitted into the stadium must remain in the stadium. If you wish to leave the venue at any time you may do so, but re-admittance will not be permitted.

Whilst we appreciate this is a lot to understand everyone must abide by the stadium rules whilst at the event. Failure to do so will result in eviction from the stadium.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their continued support and let’s go racing!!
If you haven’t been to our Northampton Shaleway before then this meeting is well worth a trip not just for the racing but to see the superb facilities which have available. We have grassed elevated banking for Spectators two thirds of the circuit plus ground level viewing on the home straight.

Wherever you chosen to sit or stand you can see all the action around the Raceway. We have renowned catering facilities, on the home straight and pit bend , - which offer a range of hot and cold food and drink plus toilet blocks including baby changing and disabled facilities which are located on the home straight.

Please also visit the Gamble Motorsport Trackshop Superstore, where you can purchase your Souvenir Full Colour Programme of the event, plus both your missed back issues and the current brand new Full Colour Issue of Wheelspin Magazine. There’s Incarace Merchandise, Racewear, sweets and any manner of goodies to choose from.

This Saturday night at Northampton Shaleway is ‘The’ place to be with the family, see the incredible race action under floodlights whilst you soak up the atmosphere – give the takeaway a miss, set the TV to record and let the Incarace world of Oval Motorsports give you a spectacular night of racing action.

Don’t forget to check out Spedeworth TV too so you can catch up with recent filmed events, you can find them on Facebook and details are published in Wheelspin Magazine.
Come and join us Saturday night and let Incarace Motorsports present to you a racing spectacle that will be a showcase in the memory for many years to come!
It will be a feast of Stock Car Racing as the perfect entertainment to reopen the racing season here at this historic venue.

Turnstiles open at 3.30pm with racing commencing at 5.00pm.

Stay Safe! - Don’t forget your Face Masks and please follow any instructions given by Staff.

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Booking List

Booking list as 04/08/2020, 5pm

Bangers - 'Back To Basics' - 38 cars

8 Chris Deverick
8 Mark Hale
10 Kane Taylor
26 Carl Dean
36 Jeremy McGurk
38 Tom Allen
42 Lee Ivins
44 Richard Brown
77 Warren Foster
97 Tracy Scott
101 Cameron Hodson
114 Shaun Turnage
123 John Clements
151 Luke Booth
163 Brad Willis
167 Danny Buzzard
201 Perry Downes
238 Ryan Bolton
244 Callum Churm
244 Mark Curtis
254 Reece Coton
281 Bradley Challender
283 Jamie Gibson
288 Aaron Phillips
289 Ashley Wingrove
298 Carl Locker
361 Billy Smith
365 Lee Slack
380 Sam Hopkin
390 Matt Ledbury
458 Terry Hawes
557 Daniel Wilson
600 Scott Beavers
717 Ashley Neal
771 Rikki Roberts
893 Jordan Huggins
926 Kieran Whitmore
947 Lee Masters

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - 52 cars

7 Gordon Moodie
9 Harley Thackra
13 Andy Ford
34 Ben Woodhall
38 David Polley
47 Greg McKenzis
49 Trevor Buckley
55 Courtney Finnikin
59 Lee Dimmick
69 Ben Chalkley
79 Seamus Cushnahan
86 Jessica Ward
88 Stefan Miller
H103 Chris van der Elst
113 Pat Issit
124 Oliver Skeels
130 Emma Ford
142 Jonathan Hadfield
149 Reece Cox
156 Danny MacVarish
182 Jack White
183 Charlie Guinchard
186 Ricardo Smidt
188 Aaron Patch
282 Anthony Riley
H305 Ron van Wamalen
347 Paul Cox
374 Kai Lindsay
377 Daz Shaw
413 Richard Rayner
414 Josh Rayner
441 Micky Branston
443 Dale Blake
H447 Patrick Tersteeg
449 Mark Dorrill
488 Liam Bentham
524 Michael Wallbank
543 Connor Blake
584 Charlie Sime
597 Barry Clow
606 Andrew Palmer
664 Martin Brown
722 John Broatch
724 Tom Pell
735 Mick Haworth
768 Jack Thompson
795 Jason Clow
818 Richard Howarth
844 Jack Prosser
921 Jack Aldridge
941 Jamie Lane
992 Harley Burns

National Saloon Stock Cars - 26 cars

2 Luke Dawson
26 Tommy Barnes
28 Ian Govier
48 Brad Dyre
71 Mitchell Plump
113 David Nash
116 Andrew (Diggy) Smith
161 Billy Smith
171 Adam O'Dell
172 Jack Rust
266 Jack Nash
277 Jack Grandon
296 Craig Mitchell
319 Richard Regan
340 Will Brazier
349 Michael Allard
350 Thomas Parrin
368 Charlie Santry
370 Rowan Venni
399 Cole Atkins
428 Lee Sampson
504 Danny Elbourn
525 Wesley Starmar
573 Martyn Lake
600 Barry Russell
730 Deane Mayes

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!

To save the time and effort of checking this page on spec we would suggest that you subscribe to the INCARACE mail-list.  By doing so you will receive regular news updates as well as notification when the driver listings have been posted!

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National Saloon Stock Cars

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Oval Track Legends

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