National Banger World Series 2017
Race Schedule

National Banger World Series Round 1 – Wimbledon – Sunday 29th January

National Banger World Series Round 2 – Ipswich – Saturday 4th March

National Banger World Series Round 3 – Yarmouth – Sunday 2nd April

National Banger World Series Round 4 – Northampton – Sunday 30th April

National Banger World Series Round 5 – Aldershot – Saturday 21st May

National Banger World Series Round 6 – Birmingham – Saturday 29th July

National Banger World Series Round 7 – Mildenhall – Sunday 5th August

National Banger World Series Finale – Arlington – Saturday 13th September

2016 National Banger Unlimited World Final - Ipswich - Saturday 7th October
National Banger World Series Round 4!

Added 02/06/2014

Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich – Saturday 14th June
Meeting Preview

National Banger World Series Round 4 Crashes Into Foxhall Heath Stadium Ipswich!

The fourth round of the National Banger World Series takes place on Saturday 14th June 2014 at Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich but with a twist!

This round we give the Unlimited National Bangers a break and welcome the u2000cc National Bangers to take to the track to race for the World Final Wild Card place which is up for grabs. The Wild Card race winner secures a place on the Unlimited National Banger World Final grid which takes place here at Foxhall Heath Stadium on Saturday 11th October – 5pm.

The last round took place at Aldershot Raceway where #382 Jack Foster (Chubby) finally managed to accomplish the double header of winning the Wild Card race and the Showdown and securing the prize money and massive trophy which has been waiting eleven rounds to be won. Chubby has definitely been on a winning streak in 2014 and even though he is already guaranteed a place on the Unlimited National Banger World Final grid in October the odds are he will still race at Banger World Series Round 4 purely to spice things up and give the other drivers a series challenge if they want to win the Wild Card slot.

The National Bangers are supported by their smaller brothers and sister in the form of the ‘Rookie’ Bangers. The name ‘Rookie’ was dropped from the formula a few years ago as drivers of all ages and experiences like to race either permanently or from time to time in the Bangers because the cars are not as demanding to build as the bigger National Bangers.

At Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich the Bangers never disappoint in providing top quality Banger action with cars smashing, crashing and spinning each other all around the raceway. This meeting will be round eight of the Peter Brown Developments Track Championship Series which at the top of the chart is definitely heating up!!

Adding even more contact to the meeting are the 1300cc Stock Cars as they race in round eight of the Print 4 U Challenge Series.

The 1300cc Stock cars look more like armoured tanks at times and when you add the element of Foxhall Heath Stadium’s high speed ¼ mile oval to the mix the racing is breath taking with a full grid of drivers starting in grades with the top drivers doing their best to bash and bang the other drivers out of the way as they battle through the field towards the front.

This meeting also provides the last opportunity for drivers to gain valuable track time at Foxhall Heath Stadium before the Spedeweekend when they will be racing for the Supreme Championship!!

Racing starts at 6.45pm and turnstiles open at 5.30pm. If you haven’t been to our Foxhall Heath Stadium before then this meeting is well worth a trip not just for the racing but to see the new facilities which have been built over the past 18 months. We now have 2 fully seated grandstands along the back straight which can hold several thousand people and offer excellent elevated views of the racing. Wherever you choose to sit in the grandstands you can see all the action around the Ipswich raceway. New catering facilities have been installed as well as new and improved toilet blocks including disabled facilities. On the Kent Cams (turnstile) bend we also have elevated VIP units which include a VIP box and balcony which provided uninterrupted views of the racing either out on the balcony or through the windows of the building if rain has decided to come and play at Foxhall Heath as well as the drivers. The VIP boxes are available for hire by calling us on 01252 322920.

Come and join us Saturday night and let Spedeworth Motorsports present to you a racing spectacle that will leave you wanting even more!!

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Saturday 14th June 2014 - 6.45pm

Added 21/05/2014

Round 4 of the National Banger World Series rolls into Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich on Saturday 14th June 2014 @ 6.45pm.

This round will feature the u2000cc National Bangers racing for the wild card place to try and secure a spot on the Unlimited National Banger World Final grid at Foxhall Heath Stadium on Saturday 11th October 2014.

Round 3 at Aldershot Raceway was won by #382 Jack Foster who also went on the be the first driver to do the double and win the Showdown race at the same event.

Can he do the same at Foxhall Heath???

Bookings are been taken now and can be made by calling 01252 322920, on the text service 07949 138108, by email or complete the drivers booking-in form on the Drivers Page of the Spedeworth/Incarace websites.

See you there!!

Sunday 11th May 2014 - 1pm

Added 09/04/2014

Round 3 - What Will Happen This Time???

Pr1mo Northampton BWS 6 April!

Added 28/3/14

Round 2 of the 2014 Banger World Series rolls into Pr1mo Northampton on Sunday 6th April with a 1.30pm start. With over 50 Unlimited National Bangers booked in already it promises to be another top day of entertainment at Brafield!

The day gets under way with the pre-meeting photo signing session just inside the main turnstile which is scheduled for 11.50am through to 12.35pm. Bring the kids along to get free signed photos from some of the top drivers in the sport. Signing at Pr1mo Northampton will be former Suicide Squad man 57 Stuart 'Dino' Cumming, Predators star 89 Joe 'Panda' Barrett, Team DWO entertainer 341 Andrew 'Jonesy' Jones, veteran former Motley Krew man 384 John 'Goldie' Golden and Champion of Champions 425 Neil 'Bolt' McPhilimey, plus a legend of the sport and the Pr1mo Northampton track in particular in 294 Alan 'Tarny' Tarn. We are sure there will be a few adults looking to snap up a free photo or two as well!

Onto the racing and there are some top names from racing booked in already, the aforementioned Jonesy is part of a strong contingent from the West Country including his DWO team mates 190 Steve 'Pikey' Bailey and 239 Steve 'Nemesis' Carter, as well as up and coming entertainers 74 Adam Hitchcock and 648 Jamie Smith.

From East Anglia 247 Lee 'Bro' Clarke will no doubt be on the look out for Team DWO and 79 Ricky Twell comes along with his Predators team mate Panda, plus the likes of 33 Gary Madgwick, 160 Shayn Winsor and 516 Carl Gould.

Other top names in the sport like multiple champion 331 Jason 'Boxer Jack' Jackson are booked as well, there's a 4-strong team of Gladiators which will hopefully be added to before the day, plus a 3-strong team of former Gladiators in the Shunters boys, not to mention our lady racer 699 Stacey Holdsworth!

The BWS famously offers a World Final place on the day to the winner of the Final, and plenty of those already mentioned will be a serious threat to this place. Dale Hughes won the Wild Card at Round 1 in March at Wimbledon to join his brother and defending champion Lee Hughes on the grid, so who will join them from Pr1mo Northampton?!

Of those not mentioned up to now, the likes of 17 Kyle 'Chiefy' Overy, 185 Lenny Smith, 427 Dean McPhilimey, 535 Ryan 'Captain Crash' Cunningham, 601 Lee 'Usha' Usherand 998 Wayne 'Cotty' Cottrill all have to be serious contenders but that is not an exhaustive list - with so many big National Bangers out there pretty much anyone could come through and win it!

With the new BWS format for 2014 there is more money available for entertainers on the day so expect the usual suspects to be going all out to bag some of these, and also with the changes to the Showdown for 2014 this is certainly spicing things up too! As a reminder, the winner of the Showdown takes himself (or herself!) home a cool £500, with a twist, if that person can be the last car running then that £500 becomes a cool £1,000! Certainly with that sort of money on offer there's an incentive to become the last car running, and some of the machinery drivers will have at Pr1mo Northampton may lend itself to that aim!

Don't miss it, Sunday 6th April at Pr1mo Northampton International Raceway, 1.30 start, admission Adults £15, Children (age 5 to 14) £7, Seniors £12, Family Ticket £43 (2 adults and up to 3 children).

BWS Driver Profiles Are Back!

Added 7/2/14

In advance of the 2014 opener for the BWS at Wimbledon this Sunday, we have resurrected our Driver Profiles for the BWS section of the website, starting off with the 5 current drivers taking part in Sunday's photo signing session - 2 Luke 'Spooky' Dawson, 13 Pieter 'Peewee' Leistra, 264 Mark 'Wellard' Welland, 294 Lee 'Stuntman' Hughes and 535 Ryan 'Captain Crash' Cunningham, and of course Timmy the Tyre!!

Have a look using the links on the top right of this page! Any drivers taking part in at least BWS round in 2014 are invited to send in a driver profile form to us for inclusion on the website and we will have some more for you next week!

Click here to download a profile form!


Added 03/02/2014

Sunday 9th February 2014 – Wimbledon Stadium – 5.30pm – Banger World Series Round 1!!!

A quick remind that the first round of the 2014 Unlimited National Banger World Series thunders into Wimbledon Stadium this Sunday!! Racing starts at 5.30pm but there will be plenty to see and do before start time with the pits opening at approximately 2.30pm and the turnstiles opening at 4pm.

Plenty of time then to take a walk around the pits before going inside the stadium to take your seats for race one.

Returning for 2014 is the popular drivers autograph signing. This will take place inside the stadium after you walk through the turnstiles and will start as the turnstiles open at 4pm.

The drivers signing autographs for Round 1 are:-
2 Luke 'Spooky' Dawson
13 Pieter 'Peewee' Leistra
20 Roger 'Wilko' Wilkinson
264 Mark 'Wellard' Welland
294 Lee 'Stuntman' Hughes
535 Ryan 'Captain Crash' Cunningham

Timmy The Tyre will also be on hand to sign autographs and cause chaos once the meeting starts.

Who will take the first wild card slot on the 2014 Unlimited National Banger World Final grid at Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich on Saturday 11th October??

We’ll find out the answer this Sunday! Don’t miss it!!

The Return Of The Banger World Series!

Added 28/01/2014

After the success of the 2013 Banger World Series it’s back for 2014!!

Last year’s round at Wimbledon brought back the memories of the Unlimited National Banger World Championship days at the stadium with a huge number of cars and a massive crowd in attendance to provide an electrifying atmosphere!

This year looks to be even bigger when at time of writing the booking list is already higher than it was for 2013!

Last year’s World Series round at Wimbledon was won by #382 Jack Foster Jnr but looking at this year’s booking list Jack could have his hands full trying to repeat his victory in 2014 as this year the Wimbledon round includes 10 previous World Champions and the current World Champion #294 Lee Hughes all racing to try and secure the first guaranteed slot on the Unlimited National Banger World Final Grid at Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich on Saturday 11th October at 5pm. Who knows what will happen!?!?

Current World Champions:
190 Steve Bailey
239 Steve Carter
247 Lee Clarke
294 Lee Hughes
331 Jason Jackson

Former World Champions:
27 Dale Hughes
33 Gary Madgwick
46 Keith Painter
162 Brett Ellacott
245 Jack France
348 Sonny Sherwood

The best of the best are descending on Wimbledon Stadium on the 9th February and with drivers booked in who are going to simply crash and smash any opposition out of contention come rain or shine a night to remember is guaranteed.

The Unlimited National Banger World Final may have moved home to Foxhall Heath, Ipswich but the National Banger World Series brings back all the memories of the past Wimbledon World Finals and will almost certainly create more which fans and drivers will be talking about for years to come.

First Race starts at 5.30pm and you don’t want to miss the first roar and rumble of the Unlimited National Bangers as they roll out of the tunnel and onto the Plough Lane tarmac under the floodlights to prove that Wimbledon’s National Banger heart still beats as strong as ever!!

Supporting the Unlimited National Bangers are the 1300cc Stock Cars and Stock Rods.

The 1300cc Stock Cars last raced at Wimbledon on Sunday 19th January for the first round of the Print 4 U Challenge Series which saw #397 Andy Cullen take the first round final. The second round is contested on National Banger World Series night and if round one proved anything it won’t only be the National Bangers crashing their way towards Mr Starter’s chequered flags.

For fans that prefer non-contact racing don’t worry!! We have racing for you too in the form of the Stock Rods. Last time the Stock Rods raced at Wimbledon Stadium it was for their London Championship which was won by Spedeworth Supremo #447 Stuart Smyth. Stuart can be untouchable around Plough Lane but there are plenty of drivers who could knock Stuart off the top rung of the ladder on the 9th February. Will any of them succeed??

There are plenty of questions to be answered going into Wimbledon Stadium on Sunday 9th February and there is only one way to find out the answers first................Be There!!

World Champions Challenge at Wimbledon!

Added 17/1/14

As many of you will be aware, at a few of the BWS rounds last year we had a 'side show' of some sort! Well for Round 1 this year we have another one lined up - the World Champions Challenge!

We have got a fast road car lined up for a lap trial challenge for National Banger World Champions during the meeting - 5 current ones and one from yesteryear!

The drivers will each get the chance to try and set the fastest lap in our car, with the fastest lap getting £100.

The line up is as follows - pick your winner!

20 Roger Wilkinson
190 Steve Bailey
239 Steve Carter
247 Lee Clarke
294 Lee Hughes
331 Jason Jackson

For the old-timers amongst you, Roger Wilko (1987 World Champ and multiple champion!) will also be signing photos before the meeting along with the current stars lined up so far - 264 Mark Welland, 294 Lee Hughes and 535 Ryan Cunningham. Two more names for the signing will be decided by a vote on Ovalchat next week......

BWS Round 1 News!

Added 14/1/14

We have some more news for you on Round 1 at Wimbledon on 9th February!

We can confirm to you 3 of the drivers who will be signing photos before the race meeting - 264 Mark Welland, current Unlimited World Champion 294 Lee Hughes and 535 Ryan Cunningham. One more will be revealed shortly and the other two voted on within the next week or so.

We will have some more interesting news for you soon on a 'sideshow' we are arranging on the night - watch this space.....!

BWS 2014!

Added 9/1/14

A month from today the 2014 Banger World Series gets under way at Wimbledon Stadium!

The series has been tweaked this year. Firstly, and most importantly, each round still carries a World Final wild card place for the winner of the Wild Card Final.

Due to the time and expense put into unlimited cars by the drivers and their teams, two of the rounds (Birmingham and Ipswich) have been made under 2000cc, the other rounds all remain unlimited.

There are no contracted drivers for 2014. At each round, 5 drivers will be paid £100 to do the driver photo signing session before the event. 3 of these 5 will be selected by Spedeworth/Incarace with the intention being that they will be drivers local or regular to the specific track. The other 2 drivers will be voted on by the fans! Approximately 2 weeks before the event, a list of the drivers booked in at the time will be published, and the public invited to vote who they would like to do the photo signing at that event - the 2 drivers to receive the most votes will be asked to do the photo signing.

In 2013, the Showdown (final race of each round) carried a cash prize of £250. In 2014 this is upped to £500 for the winner or last car running!

New for 2014, there will be £200 per meeting to be shared between the furthest travelled to each event, 5 x £100 Entertainer awards, £200 to be allocated to the drivers who bring the best cars, and a £100 special award which will go to someone deserving, maybe for being unlucky and getting smashed to bits on the first bend, or someone who makes a big effort to get a wrecked car back on track!

In 2013 we had driver profiles for the contracted drivers on the website. New for 2014, any participants in any rounds will be invited to complete a driver profile form and these will go on the website.

More information will follow in due course, in the meantime we are taking bookings for round 1 at Wimbledon Stadium on Sunday 9th February!

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