Yarmouth - 13/6/2021 @ 2pm

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Great Yarmouth Race Day Information – 13th June 2021

This news item will outline the event times and the running order you need to know so please read this article in full and carefully.

The event will run whilst adhering to the government guidelines regarding Covid-19 and following the ORCi method statement and risk assessment.

Race Bookings have now CLOSED.

Drivers please note if you have not booked-in by calling 01252 322920 and confirming payment you are NOT permitted to attend so do not just turn up.

Session Times

The pits will open 11am.
The spectator turnstiles will open at 1pm.
Practice for 1300cc Stock Cars and Rookie Rods at 1pm.
The first race will be at 2pm.

Running Order

The running order is now available via the link below and a copy of the running order will be available to view at the raceway but if you wish your own copy of the running order please print off a copy and bring it with you.

Attendance & PPE

Remember this race event is restricted.

Drivers must have supplied the names of the people within your social bubble in advance. If anyone within your sociable bubble is unable to come you can not bring someone different with you.

All drivers will be required to supply their own racing PPE as normal plus a face covering (mandatory for all persons in your social bubble) which must be worn at all times once at the venue except in the case of the driver when you have your racing PPE on to racing.

Spectators must enter the stadium via the advanced ticket entrance and please remember to bring you face covering and e-ticket with you to avoid any issues at the turnstiles.

Pit Parking

On arrival at the raceway you will be required to queue in the designated area until instructed to enter the pits. Please follow the verbal and hand signals of the pit marshal. All transporters will be required to park whilst leaving a ‘cars’ gap between each other.

Spectator Parking

On arrival at the raceway please follow the guidance to the designated car park for the event.

Social Distancing

Drivers:- Maintain a social minimum distance of 2 metres at all times, unless it’s not possible (i.e. – when repairing a car) On the occasions where the 2-metre rule is unachievable then a 1 metre plus PPE MUST be adhered too. This is mandatory.

Spectators:- Maintain a social minimum distance of 2 metres and be wearing your face covering at all times.


Toilets will be provided but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing to use the facilities.


Refreshments will be available but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing.

We would like to thank you all in advance for adhering to the above instructions to allow everyone to enjoy their day with us.

1300 Stock Cars


Rookie Rods



It’s been a long time coming – but summer is here and the heatwave continues as does the season of Spedeworth Oval Motorsport at Gt Yarmouth Stadium this coming Sunday Afternoon, 13th June when Spedeworth Motorsports proudly presents (with strict COVID – 19 measures in place) a superb triple helping of top class Oval action featuring the fabulous Back to Basics Bangers in the Scott Taylor Memorial Meeting, 1300 Stock Cars and Rookie Rods competing for their Eastern Extravaganza Round 3 as everyone heads to the coast to compete and savour a day at the seaside once more!

The Back to Basics Bangers always come to Yarmouth meaning business with respect in the Scott Taylor Memorial - and we have certainly seen some incredible action from them in past seasons here at Caister with rollover after rollover as they bring with them some machinery we do not always see in ‘mainstream’ Banger Racing.

These meetings can often attract some Drivers not often seen racing here as they will sometimes use a ‘car that has been sat in stock’ just awaiting an event like this! At time of press there’s an incredible nigh on 120 Drivers booked so far including, local favourites Titch and Joe Mancini, Barry Beevor, Ralph Emmerson, Daniel Sutton and Ewan Rout joined by Girl Racers, Lynn Cooper, Caroline Phillips, Catherine Kirk and Jasmine Matthews. They’ll be joined by the regular stars in former Unlimited World Champion, Gary Madgwick, Nathan Thurlow, Niki Jarvis, Steve Saw, Jake Stewart, Owen Baker, Craig Thurlow, Mitchell Wells, Gareth Parker and many more come race day in what will no doubt become quite a clash!

Do not expect the event to be all about racing as these meetings have a habit of producing some great crashing action, it certainly has historically and this meeting is set to once again be an afternoon not to be missed for Banger fans, as a packed track of cars battling each other around the tarmac doing their best to avoid the infamous post and steel rope Safety Fence which has claimed many a victim over the stadiums illustrious history!

Banger racing at Yarmouth Stadium is legendary, always full of action and drama and this meeting should be no exception!
Joining the Bangers we have the ultra – competitive 1300 Stock Cars. At time of press, we have a quality entry of Drivers booked to appear including Lee Pearce, Niki Jarvis, and Jake Banwell with no doubt more to join them come the day. No doubt this will be a bruising affair, the 1300’s often put on a great show at Yarmouth with many glancing off the Safety Fence!

Our third and final Formula are the Rookie Rods. In contrast, the Rookie Rods are the perfect budget class for any driver wanting to race ‘non – contact’ to begin their oval racing careers. No doubt they’ll be another good field booked in for this one including possibly Hayden Booty, Nathan Houghton, Harry, Sam and Joe Smith, Shaun Parker and Nathan Culley.

The event is to be run whilst following the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and spectator attendance will be restricted.

Please note that this event is strictly ADVANCED TICKET BOOKING ONLY! Tickets will not be issued on the day at the turnstiles. Failure to produce a valid ticket will cause you to be refused entrance to the stadium. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Face coverings will be MANDATORY at all times. There will be no exception to the rule and this includes people who carry exemption cards. The golden rule is this “Wear a face covering or do not attend the event”.

We would like to remind race fans to review the latest Government COVID-19 advice which can be viewed at www.gov.uk/coronavirus before purchasing your ticket(s).

In agreement with Great Yarmouth Stadium, advanced tickets for our events at Great Yarmouth Stadium can be ordered ONLY from Great Yarmouth Stadium direct. Tickets can only be purchased by calling 01493 720343 (Monday – Saturday, 10am until 4pm & Sunday 10am until 2pm). Full details are available via the link below.

Please note:- The Spedeworth/Incarace Head Office and the Spedeworth/Incarace advanced ticketing website cannot complete ticket orders for Great Yarmouth Stadium events.

Remember to stay within your social bubble whilst attending the event.

Please also be aware that FACE COVERINGS are mandatory at this event and all persons MUST supply your own face covering. Failure to be wearing a face covering will cause your entrance into the stadium to be refused and no refund will be issued.

All spectators once checked and admitted into the stadium must remain in the stadium. If you wish to leave the venue at any time you may do so, but re-admittance will not be permitted.

Whilst we appreciate this is a lot to understand everyone must abide by the stadium rules whilst at the event. Failure to do so will result in eviction from the stadium.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their continued support and let’s go racing!!

Racing starts at an earlier than usual time of 2.00pm with the turnstiles opening at 1.00pm. Don’t forget rain or shine Great Yarmouth Stadium offers a superb indoor bar / seating area and covered seated grandstand on the home straight. Souvenir Programmes can be purchased at the Turnstiles whilst Flags for the Kids and Wheelspin Magazine will be on sale in the Stadium. There’s restaurants, snack bars in addition to two licenced Bars, everything you need to enjoy your afternoon with us!

Whether enjoying an early Summer Holiday Break or a regular Race Fan, a Sunday Afternoon at Yarmouth Stadium is ‘The’ place to be with High Speed action on track and great facilities in the Stadium, let Spedeworth / Incarace Motorsports give you a spectacular afternoon of racing that will leave you coming back for more!

Please don't forget to wear your face coverings and follow instructions from Staff.

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Booking List

Booking list as 11/06/2021, 3.15pm

1300cc Stock Cars

23 Lee Pearce
98 Niki Jarvis
99 Jacob Roff
111 Joshua Wells
137 Curtis Tebbenham
146 Jack Aylward
301 Luke Smith
302 Jack Smith
303 Jacob Bromley
391 Jake Banwell
392 Julian Smith
415 Jamie Blackman
436 Matthew Arnold
450 Luke Jackson
623 Mark Bessant
666 Kieran Challiss
711 Clark Wells

Bangers - 'Back To Basics'

1 Jonathan Cladd
3 Wayne Burnham
7 Craig Hardy
8 Martin Eddleston
9 Titch Mancini
10 James Eaton
11 Martin Powell
12 Kelly Skinner
13 Nigel Burcham
14 Barry Payne
17 Ronan Drury
19 Joe Mancini
28 Scott Green
33 Gary Madgwick
34 Warren Burnham
41 Thomas Dye
46 Lorne Stonebridge
54 Samuel Hayward
55 Jonathan Ballard
68 Jack Benfield
70 Vinnie McCarthy
72 Gavin Bond
76 John Gavin
81 Chris Tucker
85 Nathan Thurlow
96 Lee Fitzakerley
97 Tracy Scott
98 Niki Jarvis
102 Jacob Steel
111 Emma Mancini
112 Ian Greatrex
116 Mark Want
119 Liam James
121 Lynn Cooper
123 Steve Saw
129 Adam Barker
138 Ashley Batchelor
139 Aimee Roley
141 Jake Stewart
143 Shaun Copland
144 Jordan Godfrey
149 Todd Payne
160 Carl Firman
165 Ben Randell
173 Luke Spall
175 James Emmerson
176 Ralph Emmerson
179 John Mancini
190 Wayne Flowerday
200 Gavin Baldy
204 Shane Elding
211 Lee Cowley
213 Carl Musson
214 Jason Rigby
216 Mark Burrows
217 Bailey Burrows
220 Joshua Downing
222 Kieron Norton
242 Kenny Watling
251 Charlie Palfreman
257 Steven Sipka
262 Chris Walters
308 Dave Martin
315 Bryan Smith
336 Jamie Plane
349 Michael Allard
351 Mark Schofield
356 Sam Hildon
362 Owen Baker
367 Barry Beevor
368 Ben Taylor
378 Joy Roberts
385 Craig Thurlow
404 Sam Dace
409 Sarah Taylor
411 Reece Legrice
421 Ben Garman
422 Swaley Buckley
433 Ben Smith
439 Daniel Sutton
445 Andy Leonard
448 Lewis Grummett
456 Drew Finch
469 Emily Taylor
502 Luke Self
516 Caroline Phillips
540 Adam James
549 Austin Newell
555 Charlie Ellis
557 Lewis Sharman
559 Ben George
563 Mark Sewell
595 Mark Cossey
601 Chris Medler
610 Mitchell Wells
616 Matt Goodswen
621 Gareth Parker
629 Ewan Rout
664 Aaron Challiss
681 Callum Benfield
691 Gareth Turner
711 Lee Edwards
713 Steven Bray
717 Michael Booty
730 Brandon Mayes
738 Kevin Prior
748 George Matthews
749 Jasmine Matthews
754 John Medler
760 Harry Spencer
771 Sam Leader
777 David Perry
780 Mark Watts
788 Aaron Riches
818 Matthew Brown
837 Catherine Kirk
862 Reece Eglington
873 Kyle Roberts
893 Jordan Huggins
900 Toby Steers
901 James Blew
902 Barry Lynn
911 Damian Hadley

Rookie Rods

35 Nathan Houghton
77 Shane Baynes
125 Kyle Pearson
137 Warren Wright
155 Jenson Beane

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


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