Yarmouth - 9/8/2020 @ 5pm

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Admission Prices are as follows :

General Admission£16.00
Concession : (65yrs & over) £13.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) £6.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children£40.00
Car Parking£2.00



Ticket Information

Great Yarmouth Stadium – Sunday 9th August 2020
Back with a Bang!
Meeting Preview

It’s the Summer Holiday Season at Gt Yarmouth, so a nice outing by the seaside during the day can only be finished off in style with one thing, some action packed short oval racing action at Great Yarmouth Stadium in the evening!

Everyone’s been waiting for it - and the world has certainly been through some difficult times since our last Public Race Meeting here, – but at last Spedeworth Oval Motorsport at Gt Yarmouth Stadium, can resume this coming Sunday evening, 9th August when Spedeworth Motorsports proudly presents (with strict COVID – 19 measures in place) a superb ‘season re – opener’ with a super meeting of top class Oval action as 49 Drivers, - at time of press, - head into town to compete in a Back to Basic’s Bangers meeting and to conclude the meeting in fun and style, we have a Banger Demolition Derby fight to the finish!

The Bangers always come to Yarmouth meaning business and this week they have the opportunity to bring with them some machinery we do not always see in Banger Racing as they compete in a ‘back to basics’ specification with neither Honda Powered Cars, Focus’ or Mondeos. These meetings can often attract some Drivers not often seen racing here as they will sometimes use a ‘car that has been sat in stock’ just awaiting an event like this! Drivers booked so far include Nikki Jarvis, Harry Airey, Stuart Brookes, local favourite Barry Beevor, Lee Kingsnorth, Daniel Sutton, Ryan Cannell, Louis Baker, Ewan Rout, Ben Englestone, and a host of others whilst the Ladies in the class are represented by Tracy Scott, Hannah Watson, Lynne Cooper, Emily Taylor, Jasmin Matthews and no doubt a few more come race day in what will no doubt become quite a clash!

To finish the evening in style, we have one of our famous Banger Demolition Derby events. These events are immensely popular and hilarious to watch as the object of the exercise is to eliminate the other cars so that yours is the last remaining….however! Your car does have to still be moving under its own steam – literally - to be declared the winner!

The event is to be run whilst following the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and spectator attendance will be restricted.

Please note that this event is strictly ADVANCED TICKET BOOKING ONLY! Tickets will not be issued on the day at the turnstiles. Failure to produce a valid ticket will cause you to be refused entrance to the stadium. There are no exceptions to this rule.

In agreement with Great Yarmouth Stadium, advanced tickets for our events at Great Yarmouth Stadium can be ordered ONLY from Great Yarmouth Stadium direct. Tickets can be purchased by calling 01493 720343 (Monday - Saturday, 10am until 4pm & Sunday 10am until 2pm). Full details are available via the link below.
Please note:- The Spedeworth/Incarace Head Office and the Spedeworth/Incarace advanced ticketing website cannot complete ticket orders for Great Yarmouth Stadium events.

Please also be aware that FACE COVERINGS are mandatory at this event and all persons MUST supply your own face covering. Failure to be wearing a face covering will cause your entrance into the stadium to be refused and no refund will be issued.

All spectators once checked and admitted into the stadium must remain in the stadium. If you wish to leave the venue at any time you may do so, but re-admittance will not be permitted.

Whilst we appreciate this is a lot to understand everyone must abide by the stadium rules whilst at the event. Failure to do so will result in eviction from the stadium.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their continued support and lets go racing!!

Racing starts at 5.00pm with the turnstiles opening at 4.00pm. Don’t forget rain or shine Great Yarmouth Stadium offers a superb indoor bar / seating area and covered seated grandstand on the home straight. Souvenir Programmes can be purchased at the Turnstiles.

Whether enjoying a Summer Holiday Break or a regular Race Fan, a Summer Sunday Night at Yarmouth Stadium is ‘The’ place to be with High Speed action on track and great facilities in the Stadium, let Spedeworth / Incarace Motorsports give you a spectacular evening of racing that will leave you coming back for more!

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Booking List

Booking list as 04/08/2020, 5pm

Bangers - 'Back To Basics' - 58 cars

10 Warren Lown
14 Barry Payne
17 Kyle Overy
18 Glen Brooks
19 Joe Mullarkey
28 Scott Green
48 Lewis Grummett
49 Kyle Cook
97 Tracy Scott
98 Niki Jarvis
101 Hannah Watson
104 Nathan Rowetipper
109 James Williams
112 Martin Powell
116 Mark Want
129 Lynne Cooper
135 Donny Mann
141 Jake Stewart
143 Aaron Mann
149 Todd Payne
160 Carl Firman
165 Ben Randell
190 Wayne Flowerday
200 Gavin Baldy
214 Jason Rigby
222 Kieron Norton
248 Jamie Blything
281 Jamie Andrews
292 Harry Airey
317 Calum Jacobs
323 Kieran Tweed
333 Daniel Weavers
352 Stuart Brooks
356 Sam Hildon
367 Barry Beevor
400 Lee Kingsnorth
439 Daniel Sutton
456 Drew Finch
469 Emily Taylor
502 Luke Self
526 Ryan Cannell
549 Austin Newell
562 Louis Baker
610 Mitchell Wells
629 Ewan Rout
665 Challinn Challis
666 Damian Webster
724 Trevor Burtrum
749 Jasmine Matthews
757 Michael Sipka
769 Ben Englestone
797 Lee Jackson
801 Callum Benjamin Milton
810 Matthew Williams
818 Matthew Brown
837 Catherine Kirk
862 Reece Eglington
873 Kyle Roberts

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


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