Mildenhall - 18/5/2019 @ 5pm

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Admission Prices are as follows : (Cash & Card at the turnstiles)

General Admission£16.00
Concession : (65yr’s & over) £13.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) £6.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children£40.00

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Reliant Robins



‘Saturday night is Race Night’ at Mildenhall Stadium this coming Saturday 18th May, when Spedeworth & Mildenhall Motorsports proudly presents another Feast of Full – Contact Oval Motorsport action featuring the National Bangers, Brisca F2 Stock Cars and the hilarious Robin Reliants bringing Race Fans another fantastic night of action at West Row.

Starting with the National Bangers, always very much part of proceedings at West Row. This coming Saturday is a return to individual action after the Team Meetings with the ‘Micro Mayhem Series’, Round 1 to be contested. At time of press there’s 48 Drivers booked in to race so this means we shall be seeing lots of the more compact type of car, yet incredibly fast getting stuck in to one another! National Bangers have always been legendary at Mildenhall with some big hitter’s in the camp and there is the added bonus that with the unpredictability of the formula, it means literally anyone is capable of winning and if they are not concerned with winning, then they will be concerned with crashing!

In support, there is the return of the fantastic Brisca F2 Stock Cars with another big entry of cars. These purpose built single seater Stock Cars are one of the quickest Formulas at Mildenhall and when the hits come in, they come in hard from this all action contact Formula! We have a cosmopolitan line up for this meeting with Ricardo Smidt coming over from Holland to battle with local Drivers Henry King and Bradley Blyth.

To complete the meeting, adding huge fun to proceedings is an appearance of the Robin Reliants. These little three – wheeled cars have been entertaining at Mildenhall for years with their spectacular crashes and rollovers yet are almost indestructible despite shedding nearly all their fibreglass bodywork. An impressive 15 of these have booked in so far so If you have not seen these racing before, they are certainly worth visiting Mildenhall raceway to see and enjoy the hilarity of them.

Racing starts at 5:00pm, with turnstiles opening at 3:30pm. Facilities include covered Grandstands, banked terracing and catering outlets serving our world famous fish and chips and a number of other tasty snacks. Don’t forget to visit the Matt Bull Trackshop for your souvenir full colour Race Meeting Programmes, merchandise and – not to mention Matt’s superb photos for sale.

The Stadium also has plenty of toilets, ample car parking and spectator access to the pit area.

If you enjoy your visit, how about treating a friend to one of our Race Meetings by purchasing one of our Spedeworth / Incarace Experience Vouchers so they too can join in the fun? Please call our Aldershot Office on 01252 322920 for further details!

If you haven’t visited Mildenhall Stadium before, this meeting promises to be the perfect reason to attend and could be just the excuse needed to visit us as we look forward to you joining us on Saturday evening at Mildenhall Raceway!

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Booking List

Booking list as 17/05/2019, 2pm

National Bangers - Micro Mayhem - 56 cars

7 Daniel Bitson
16 Jack Wheatley
18 Glen Brooks
28 Mac Bell
37 David Lewis
47 Archie Butts
54 Lawrence Dickinson
57 Josh Johnson
57 Lewis Garrod
75 Ryan Hensby
82 Ben Beasley
99 Alfie Hallett
121 Aaron Colbert
126 Kieran Andrews
135 Donny Mann
143 Aaron Mann
144 Richard Mackley
145 Liz Dicken
147 Boggles Baker
173 Daniel Grant
228 Sam Beasley
284 Liam Challender
292 Harry Airey
293 Harry Cole
304 Tony Elbourn
313 Callum Harris
320 Charley Streeton
323 Kieran Tweed
335 Lee White
336 Nigel White
339 Olly Scott
339 Jack Garrod
343 Lewis White
349 Jack Powell
359 Lee Moatt
364 Bradley Lee
375 Alex Hensby
386 Sam Evans
412 Callum Lacey
419 Gerry Woolmore
464 Billy Rowarth
495 Aston Gibbons
517 Sidney Cooper
538 Curtis Salvage
542 Matthew Walker
545 Carl Hough
556 Louis Barker
577 Alfie Lee
600 Jason Garrod
626 Martin Tullett
666 Kieran Challiss
699 Aaron Nelson
700 Martin Spencer
707 Jack Lilley
808 Fabian Leathers-Ashley
903 Lee Nicholls

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - 31 cars

78 Henry King
81 Mark Clayton
94 Nick Sculthorpe
H103 Chris van der Elst
121 Charlie Master
124 Oliver Skeels
142 Jonathan Hadfield
182 Jack White
202 William Knight
212 Jack Hall
226 Billy Webster
231 Matt Clayton
233 Rob Aldridge
235 Bradley Blyth
252 Sam Claxton
259 Simon Farrington
277 Billy Banwell
282 Anthony Riley
377 Daz Shaw
413 Richard Rayner
414 Josh Rayner
449 Mark Dorrill
606 Andrew Palmer
608 Keith Minshall
682 Jason Cooper
715 Scott Aldridge
768 Jack Thompson
788 Stephen Mallinson
962 Graham East
977 Dave Massey
981 Ian Bailey

Reliant Robins - 15 cars

16 Ray Layton
66 Steven Willis
85 Steve Baker
96 Ian Robins
185 Ben Oliver
218 Michael Croxton
353 Scott Bewers
354 Darren Bewers
385 Roy Gedge
490 Lee Barnard
551 Jamie O'Hanlon
552 Jordan Street
553 Daniel Douglas
554 Chalky Douglas
576 Colin Aldred

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


Coming Events
- 18/ 5 - 5pm
National Bangers
Micro Mayhem Series Round 1

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Reliant Robins

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- 18/ 5 - 5pm
1300cc Stock Cars
Midland Championship

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
World Qualifier

Stock Rods
Polleysport / Yokohama Tyres Series Round 7
Spedeworth & Incarace points scoring meeting

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- 18/ 5 - 6.30pm
Whip St. Motors Bangers

Lightning Rods
Polleysport / Yokohama Tyres Series Round 7
Spedeworth points scoring meeting

Rookie Rods
Long Track Championship

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- 25/ 5 - 5pm
National Bangers
u2000cc - No Mondeos / Cougars
British & World Qualifier

1300cc Stock Cars
Motor Parts Direct Super Series Round 5

National Saloon Stock Cars

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- 25/ 5 - 5pm
Incarace World Qualifying Round

Lightning Rods
Polleysport / Yokohama Tyres Serie Round 8
Spedeworth & Incarace points scoring meeting

ORCi Ministox
ORCi Championship


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