Mildenhall - 19/4/2019 @ 1pm

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Admission Prices are as follows : (Cash & Card at the turnstiles)

General Admission£18.00
Concession : (65yr’s & over) £15.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) £7.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children£43.00

UK Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars



It’s an Easter Good Friday treat at Mildenhall Stadium on Friday 19th April, when Spedeworth / Incarace Motorsports proudly presents another fast and furious Race Meeting featuring the Easter traditional National Bangers Under 1600cc Teams Event and with a look at the sports origins, an appearance of the UK Barn finds Historic Stock Cars bringing Race Fans another fantastic meeting of oval motorsport full contact action, a ‘good old fashioned Stock Car meeting’!

We start with the National Bangers, always very much part of proceedings here at West Row. This coming Friday it is the turn of the Teams as they battle for the ‘Good Friday Team award’. We have an incredible twenty – six, six man Teams at time of press! National Bangers have always been legendary here at Mildenhall with some big hitter’s in the camp and there is the added bonus that with the unpredictability of the formula, it means literally any Team is capable of winning and if they are not concerned with winning, then they will be concerned with crashing!

Moving on to complete our two Formulas, the very popular UK Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars return for another ‘dust up’ at West Row. This Formula replicates Spedeworth Stock Car Racing’s rich history, none more so than when the Formula was idolised throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Today, the diversity of this Formula still grids Triumphs, Fords and even the legendary Mg Magnette together just as it was back in the 1970’s as the current modern day Drivers battle for honours. Back in the 1970’s these were named the ‘blood and thunder brigade’ by the late, great Commentator, John Earrey and likewise even today, you simply never know what is going to happen next!

Racing starts at 1:00pm, with turnstiles opening at 11:30am. Facilities include covered Grandstands, banked terracing and catering outlets serving our world famous fish and chips and a number of other tasty snacks. Don’t forget to visit the Matt Bull Trackshop for all your souvenir full colour new Race Meeting Programmes and your favourite merchandise – not to mention Matt’s superb photos for sale.

The Stadium also has plenty of toilets, ample car parking and spectator access to the pit area.
If you enjoy your visit, how about treating a friend to one of our Race Meetings by purchasing one of our Spedeworth / Incarace Experience Vouchers so they too can join in the fun? Please call our Ipswich Office on 01473 612423 for further details! If you haven’t visited Mildenhall Stadium before, this meeting promises to be a good reason to attend and could be just the excuse needed to visit us as we look forward to you joining us on ‘Good Friday’ afternoon at Mildenhall Raceway!

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Booking List

Booking list as 18/04/2019, 3.45pm

National Bangers - Good Friday Teams

Beacon Bandits
248 Jamie Blything
293 Roy Williams
308 Kevi Baxter
350 Nathan Tupper
352 Ben Mynott
440 Lennon Phillips

72 Billy Bond
89 Billy Barrett
114 Billy Lake
190 Billy Bailey
341 Billy Jones
415 Billy Cornish

Bits & Bobs
47 Archie Butts
133 Karly Day
303 Wayne Linsdale
517 Sid Cooper
545 Carl Hough
862 Liam Reach

Crash Zone
211 Jordan Hall
280 Luke Metcalf
289 Ricky Haresign
410 Jake Calvert
600 Josh Robinson
994 Craig Keeley

Dads & Lads
16 Jack Wheatley
159 Darren Scarrow
162 Rob Wheatley
359 Lee Moatt
459 Todd Archer
859 Terry Archer

Desert Rats
129 Joe Skutela
282 Rhys Waters
297 Aston Leathers
320 Luke Hardy
398 Andy Chapman
661 Aaron Harris

Dover Boys
116 Nat Cohn
155 Sam Coote
188 John Reeves
294 Lee Hughes
523 Kevin Oonk
898 Andy Battle

Loose Change Team
2 Shaun Swinbourne
84 Jack Ansell
200 Ashley Grierson
444 Charlie Jackson
447 Mark Barnes
502 Kayleigh Dighton

312 Brad White
382 Jack Foster
390 Dave Gibson
391 Benny Gibson
399 Jonny Atkins
611 Joe Geeves

23 Scott James
32 Adam Ryves
69 Joe Staker
114 Sean Turnage
284 James Head
786 Liam Ivins

Motley Krew
44 Ricky Pullen
133 Steven Grace
311 Ben Nadolny
384 John Golden
394 Jack Powell
538 Curtis Salvage

NIR Nutters
115 James Martin
170 Darren Teal
199 Eddie Lawrence
316 James Cushion
317 Brad Cushion
759 Chris Oldcorn

One Shot
98 Aaron Garrod
119 Davey Cox
211 Dennis Vorhink
319 Shaun Clarke
419 Laura Quadling
420 Matthew Jode

Team Reem
191 Kieran Greenway
290 Ryan Anderson
291 Mick Turner
307 Martin Kent
405 Shane Tilley
876 Ronnie Hammond

Team Stig
292 Harry Airey
317 Calum Jacobs
422 Kev Buckley
428 Ben Airey
732 Mac Free
817 Kurt Jacobs

Team Tank
47 Chloe McNeil
165 Ben Randall
319 Durkje Terpstra
330 Tyler Wilkin
390 Dan Stacey
547 Tony McNeil

Team TPL
26 Paul Lovick
619 Micy Knight
621 Jamie Barrett
622 Jack Baker
623 Stuart Davies
625 Joe Smith

393 Danny Chiddle
530 Michael Chiddle
585 Kevin Giles
586 Martin Bristow
828 Lee Baker

The Jokers
12 Troy Cobbert
231 Alex Smith
232 Steven Pope
276 Adam Rowell
277 Sean Rowell
528 Lee Vaughan

The No Bodies
62 Ashley Jayes
63 Shane Bullen
84 Terri Anderson
85 Marc Anderson
697 Kristi Lee
739 Andy Swift

91 Ben Lawrence
132 Shane Sutton
218 Shane Sandy
371 Chris Peacock
583 Dan Weeks
665 Brad Turner

123 Tony Hutton
141 Gary Lee
157 Dom Hall
267 James Steel
623 Ricky Hutton
741 Charlie Daniels

122 Mark Cooper
208 Peter Collins
725 Simon Bye
726 Sam Bye
732 Danny Stroud
733 Ricky Stroud

165 Charlie Barwell
205 Ryan Farmer
305 Alfie Cornish
357 Jason Barrow
455 Micky Cornish
536 Harry Barwell

Twisted Metal
26 Daniel Holmes
36 Ricky Lewis
37 Dave Lewis
135 Donny Mann
322 Tom Fox
469 Martin Baxter

43 Nicky Bishop
78 Lee Macey
149 Wayne Bailey
229 Dean Jarvis
828 Jordan Sharpe
888 Lloyd Stark

UK Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars - 21 cars

4 David Wilde
7 Collin Moss
17 Daniel Owen
25 Mark Thomas
36 Sean Lavender
58 Danny Day
71 Nicholas Wickham
83 Nigel Weeks
119 Howard Ottywill
136 Clyde Williams
154 James Stace
199 Andy Dodge
225 George Coats
314 Graham Stallwood
323 Brian O'Hara
349 Lee Saunders
391 Graham Francis
506 Terry Williams
510 Gordon Coull
668 Lee Davis
711 Kevin Welch

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


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